This will respond with ganji com O2O market and 58 city or bloody attack

Chinese according to voice of "news" reported that the world trend, long, long time. This sentence in the three countries also apply to Internet companies this year. After the merger drops fast, classifieds site 58 city and Ganji both occupy a dominant position in the market, may become the protagonist of the 2015 second merger of the drama, related news in today (16 days) will be announced. It is estimated that after the merger of the new company’s valuation is likely to reach $10 billion.

previously, the two companies due to the same business model, similar to the development process, has been in a highly competitive pattern. This acquisition is true? What reason could prompt them together? Giant combined market will bring what effect


although the merger news or both sides did not recognize the scandal, but one of the protagonist has tasted the sweetness of the surge. In the 58 city and go to the market may merge news just after the media reported that the 58 city’s closing share price has soared 33.64%, up more than $17.

but until 15 pm, the two companies are not willing to make a clear response to this rumor. relevant responsible person said, today (16 days) may reply on the matter. we are not what we can reply, reply on the matter Thursday.

previously, 58 city and Ganji basically divided up the classification of information market at home, because the same market overlap and business model, for the user, both under the heavy note, according to investors, the two companies each year the marketing cost about $250 million each, industry experts Lu Zhenwang believes that reducing marketing cost is an important factor to consider with the two sides.

Lu Zhenwang: the possibility of a merger should be large. Because now the classification of information in this regard, 58 and two in the market. Two acts of malicious competition in the competition, the entire yield and gross margin are affected. So the two merger, then the monopoly of the domestic classification information. Both the market and the profits will increase, so this is both investors are very interested in.

on the other hand, another opportunity to covet the majority of O2O market is the cooperation between the two sides. The first few months of this year, Ganji and 58 city with a lot of burn, launched easy washing and washing and other sorts of market O2O services. Lu Zhenwang feel that the classification of such heavy physical labor, was not involved in the previous Internet giant. In order to seek business opportunities in the field of blank, even if the money and effort, fair and 58 also have to do.

Lu Zhenwang: the first to do classified information, Ali Baidu did not do, they do not do now. Whether Ali or Tencent Baidu, they have their own business system. Now the classification of information with O2O mode, he is human, very much line personnel, so the manual work, or used to say "silly and crude".

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