The three major search engines in the future

in the era of change, the development of science and technology, who are not in the expected 14 years ago today the network so quickly. Whether in hardware or software, are amazing.

we are very admire those in the computer field Master, and called them master, they are called as computer to learn love brick research, the computer industry to update the knowledge of requirements is very fast, you one year before the school, the society is not of great use. To learn, love brick research.

with the development of the search engine industry, four years ago, the SEO industry to enter the Chinese market, and in the past three years to become a hot industry. Today, the rapid spread of the entire network SEO, novice learning SEO enthusiasm. Three search engine Baidu, Google, YAHOO led search market. Baidu is still in the leading position in the domestic search engine market, but because of Baidu’s derailment, and constantly toward the commercialization of marketing model, in the domestic market has been slowly swallowed Google.

search engine is to provide users with search services, but Baidu never know, Baidu look, you know, until now do not know, Baidu look, may not know. Baidu’s bidding rankings tend to profit, rather than the user needs to search for information, contrary to the original search engine for the purpose of serving the people. Google in the above to do better than Baidu, although it is also profitable, but it makes full use of the right ranking system to maintain a certain income, the left is still a normal ranking. This is in the user search, the more information can be provided. YAHOO is also a search for the upstart, but I understand that YAHOO is not like Baidu, Google, as a non professional search engine system.

regardless of Baidu or Google or YAHOO, in the future development of the network, and can not meet the needs of users, replaced by " the future of the three major search engines "

first, the fingerprint search engine, which uses the network to the user before each of the users and the input fingerprint acquisition, database analysis, classification of Internet users, and always pay attention to Internet and Internet users search habits, then tracking. When you need to search information, only need to input the keywords en press your fingerprint or fingerprint sequence number, fingerprint information input, by the network transmission to its huge database and obtain the user’s information, according to its habit of all aspects of the mastery of your character, conveying the most with your information presented in the you in front of the screen.

second, voice search engine, which belongs to the human-computer interactive search technology, when you need to search for a keyword, only need to open the voice button, you need to search the contents of speech input, then you also need to provide the conditions need to limit what kind of computer information, after confirmation, data display, and also can again in your search for voice command screening, until you find a satisfactory answer so far.

third category, flat search engine, this type of search engine is also like the current Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other engine individual, but not the relationship of competition >

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