Zhanjiang run community close to thank users for their support over the years

Zhanjiang community due to run through the national special record has been permanently disabled and the majority of users here to apologize to thank our friends for their support over the years.

shutdown reason:

BBS is to pre-approval! Run and not through the examination and approval! This time belongs to the Ministry of the object hit! We seize the last crazy! Good fast run server will be the police Chafengla


Ministry recently issued the "on notice" carried out the total site cleanup and filing of the special action, the notice requirements of each ISP (Internet service provider) must be at 16:00 on February 24th before the closure of all has not yet received the record number of the stock of the website. The following is the full text of the notice:

, according to the Ministry of industry and the higher authorities, to carry out the full amount of the site for the record, clean up and rectify the record site. Now requires all telecom operators, ISP in accordance with the following requirements to complete the filing of all sites, while all the sites have not yet received the record number of closed processing.

ISP all the stringent requirements to complete the record total website, must then access in record numbers, any record number did not get the site will not be allowed to access, once found will take strict punitive measures. Corresponding specific requirements and related work are as follows:

first, close all the stock sites have not yet received the record number

each ISP must be closed before February 24th 16:00 has not yet received the record number of stock sites, and to ensure that access to the record number shall not be unauthorized access. If the site has not been found ISP access to accurate information on the record number, once identified will immediately recover the site IP, while investigating the responsibility of ISP.

two, all new sites must obtain the record number before access to

from now on, each ISP can access services to customers in the development site for the rear, if it is found that the ISP has yet to gain unauthorized access to record number of sites will take strict punitive measures, once found will immediately recover the site IP, and investigated the responsibility of ISP.

three, will be in violation of the provisions of the ISP to take severe punishment measures

once found ISP violation of the above provisions, will be based on the seriousness of the case to suspend the IDC room ISP work in and out of the processing, termination of the original contract, according to the law to the judicial organs to deal with the punishment.

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