Moore Park announced earnings from children to buy virtual pets

and hot abnormal happy net, Renren and other social networking sites, China’s first announced that the social networking site is profitable children’s social network. Yesterday, the controversial children’s social networking site Moore Park rice network operator CEO Wang Haibin told reporters that the company has entered the stage of revenue with profit.

currently, Moore Park registered users up to 50 million, which is almost equivalent to the number of children in China 1/4 of 200 million. The huge user group has started to make rice net profit. It is reported that Moore Park’s main revenue from children to buy virtual pets, and its profit model is similar to Tencent.

also, because Moore Park cartoon images are becoming more and more popular, rice network also began to try comics, cartoons, toys and other derivatives business line. According to Wang Haibin revealed that the current line of revenue has accounted for its online income of 1/10. And the future of this part of the revenue is likely to become the main income of rice network. "We hope that in 3 years, with the strengthening of the brand, operating environment changes, toys such derivatives can exceed our online income." Wang Haibin told reporters.

however, with the growing influence of Moore Park in children is bigger, and the children indulge network problems have repeatedly been outside exposure, leading to rice network facing the outside world, especially from the social level is more and more pressure. Wang Haibin did not shy away from such a problem, he said, Moore Park has taken a series of measures to find a solution. It is reported that, in order to prevent children addicted to Moore Park, in the evening 24 to 6 in the morning to stop service. And yesterday, rice network also revealed that its parent management system will be on the line in two weeks.

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