Pornography office announced the net net 2015 special action group of second cases

thorough investigation of dissemination of pornographic information produced "three sites" and "two" — the national pornography Office informed the net net 2015 special action group second cases dealt with the situation

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 9 April, (reporter Sui Xiaofei) in April 9th, the national anti pornography Office held a part of the central news sites and NetEase, Baidu, Taobao, Sina, unfamiliar street, Tencent, Sohu and other commercial sites to implement the "net net 2015 special action forum.

meeting pointed out that the spread of pornographic information on the Internet, has become a major social pollution, serious harm to the physical and mental health of minors, the community, especially the majority of parents, teachers strongly dissatisfied. At present, Internet pornography information problems in some areas and enterprises are still quite prominent, some a stirring among the dry bones.


meeting stressed that, according to the "underlying causes grasping, online check together, play with tiger flies" policy, pornographic information on the Internet according to the law, and resolutely fight to fight fiercely fight, do not hesitate to call, do not change the channel, target unchanged, determined not to loose, the intensity diminished. To prosecute "three sites" and "two", namely the wind and the production of dissemination of pornographic information portal website, video website, search website, using the "behavior of spreading pornographic information, the use of micro sphere" pop, search engine, cloud storage, mobile intelligent terminals, television boxes and other pornographic information etc.. At the same time, the Internet requires enterprises to effectively fulfill the main responsibility, strengthen social responsibility, correctly handle the relationship between the new technology and management, the introduction of new technologies must be supporting management measures, must be installed on the brakes on the road". Large sites, well-known sites, portals, etc. to play a good role in the lead, establish and improve the content of the security management mechanism, in pornographic and other harmful information discovery, disposal to set an example.

informed the meeting of the "net net 2015 special action group of second cases investigated, spread pornographic information, Zhejiang Jinhua leader WeChat public dissemination of pornographic information, Shandong Zibo 99BT nuclear factory" online dissemination of pornographic information such as the case of 7 cases were exposed. These cases have 1 administrative cases, 6 cases of criminal cases, is a large website, illegal sites and the use of WeChat public number, QQ group, cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information typical cases. At the same time, the national anti pornography office was informed of the latest progress of the NetEase cloud reading section spread pornographic information obtained. Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of press and publication on 9 April, the NetEase of Guangzhou Computer Information System Co Ltd served on the administrative penalty notice, to be imposed on the company shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification of NetEase cloud reading section for 1 months, and fined 856228.8 yuan. Other cases notified are as follows:

– the case of dissemination of pornographic information. Since 2015, the national anti pornography office received a report from the masses, reflecting the Thousand Oaks Netscape Beijing science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. the development and operation of "" in the "share".

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