Chen Jiao analysis of Baidu causes the adjustment of business

Baidu has ah yesterday issued a statement that will be closed under the banner of the mall business, transfer to le cool days, Yao point 100 platform, the new platform is being built. In this regard, it seems there is an error in the interpretation, think this is "close ah", this is too exaggerated.

I am concerned about why Baidu would make such an adjustment, I have a rough analysis, for the following reasons:

1, in order to clear the e-commerce business line

we look at now e-commerce layout, Baidu mainly consists of: product search (based on Box Computing and Aladdin), the investment layout of the B2C platform (cool days, Yao point 100), Baidu has ah e-commerce (BaiduPay mall business and life platform, etc.). Baidu has been in the previously announced a new strategic direction, began to cast off the shackles of e-commerce is online shopping, began to build on the basis of the overall consumer life e-commerce solutions.

this adjustment, there will be only the integration of ah mall business and cool day, Yao, the strategic deployment of Baidu e-commerce after the adjustment is more clear.

2, in order to better configure the resources

In fact,

consumers in the online shopping process only concerned about two issues: where to go, what to buy. After the adjustment, whether it is for businesses, or for consumers, Baidu’s search engine leverage to match the best – to promote the support of businesses, understanding of consumer demand. Especially for businesses, the platform is more clear positioning, you can enjoy the flow of Baidu support for B2C bonus.

3, which is part of Baidu’s landing page strategy

in last year’s Baidu world, Baidu released a new e-commerce strategy, called "innovation open life". From this new strategy is to be interpreted, Baidu has started a military strategic adjustment. In the future of Baidu’s strategic planning, landing page is one of the most important, and its e-commerce part is also a part of the strategy.

called "landing page", is "landing page". If you want to understand the image, you can search in Baidu, ah, there is a life or music cool days or Yao point 100". If you want to understand it more simple, is probably a flow distribution platform, Baidu every day there are about 7, 800 million times of retrieval request, the life consumer accounted for a very high, by Landing Page, Baidu these needs as flood like distribution, into the corresponding platform for docking with the merchant.

stand at this level to interpret this adjustment, should be part of this strategy. As for how to follow, we can look forward to Baidu has been built in the mysterious new platform. According to internal sources, ah, the team has continued to expand this year, there are new employees continue to recruit, and is still in the recruitment. The adjustment strategy

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