How to make big money in the future industry website

      Hi2000 since listing, "industry website" four words more and more popular. June 28th, the industry website of large and small, the boss gathered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang World Trade Center Hotel to discuss various issues in the industry. The big party, though not as separate martial arts assembly ashes of South emperor North Gai, but the trend has been implicitly: Hi2000 Chairman Sun Deliang is using "platform joint industry business treasure" website, is called "lien"; and the President Guo Fansheng in the win over industry website into the HC system, is called "hezong". Large and small sites will come together to pursue, is the future"……

– the future: how do we make money?

The website of

industry operators, some feel that met the ceiling, never go up; others think that "the sky", the market is very large. Even as the industry leader in the website the Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang, President Guo Fansheng, the prospect is each one sticks to his argument. Sun felt should rely on the joint, in the technology, information, capital cooperation at all levels, to create the industry website alliance. Guo felt that should rely on attracting venture capital, a big share.

industry website can make money, this is an indisputable fact. Sun Deliang told reporters that 70% of the industry website is profitable, some earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and some even millions, tens of millions of dollars."

but how many industry websites like Sheng, from the industrial market jumped to the capital market? How to build their own industry website? In addition to practitioners themselves have the right to speak, "always want to pocket money to look at fiercely as a tiger does" to their VCs, also give some advice.

Cerberus investment senior partner Ren Weiquan think, industry website is to eliminate transaction value of intermediate links, improve efficiency. "Using new technologies to do traditional industries, disruptive innovation."

is not Internet Co is not important, it is important to generate value. If you can make a 2 trillion yuan industrial efficiency increased by 1%, you think this is how much value?"

‘s Chinese partner Song Anlan also give you encouragement: we are willing to bet. Venture capital relative angel investors, will be more demanding point. But we are willing to invest in creative projects."

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