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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 17th news, long-awaited micro public bank APP formally launched. Currently on the line of APP, is the first micro independent banks in the mobile terminal of the independent form of APP products, increasing the number of features. Known as the first online banking micro public bank on-line, also caused a lot of attention!

micro public bank App tips have 2 landing mode: WeChat and QQ. Accounts with other banks, the same, the need for real name authentication, tying cards, etc.. After the completion of the user that is a 19 digit micro card number, no physical card. From the business point of view, micro public bank App financial management function, transfer function (only to his name, turn) WeChat related function is similar, only some differences in some of the details, such as the transfer function can bind the payroll card, wages arrival immediately after the money, in addition to the mortgage.

from the yield point of view, the current + account annualized rate of return (nearly 7 days) up to; regular + in the   enjoy the peace of the investment period of three months, the expected annual yield of up to $7%. "Demand +", that is, to fund the purchase of the IMF, 1 cents from the purchase, similar to the balance of treasure. At present, the demand for the country is to win the money market securities investment funds, nearly 7 years of annual yield of 5.28%, higher than the current balance of treasure of the current 3.2480%.


+", the product is issued by the Taiping pension insurance is a Limited by Share Ltd, Taiping gold A security management products, from the purchase amount is 1000 yuan, the investment for a period of 91 days, the expected annual yield of 7%, higher than the treasure currently the highest rate of return of 6.70%.

should be said that the current micro public bank interest rates are still relatively high, however, the balance of treasure has just launched the current interest rate is higher, and now has fallen to about 3%. Micro banks can maintain such a high rate of return in the end, can not introduce more financial products, will be the key to determine whether the user is attracted to APP.

line evaluation said that the bank’s basic business is deposit, loan, exchange, and now you can also add investment banking. But the current App micro public bank, only on deposits and other financial, is like a balance of treasure, not the bank. Another private bank evaluation, said the presence of micro banking business with it there is no banking license has no relationship.

, the launch of the series is only the first batch, the future will have more abundant products have appeared." Micro banking relevant responsible person said, hoping that through this platform, to provide investors with more abundant and competitive inclusive financial products.

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