Former YAHOO executives the next nternet giant will be born in the interest portal


explosion in Internet information era, information around the organization how to more efficient to meet the needs of users, we experienced portals, search engines, social networks and other generations of information organization renewal. Ask, what will be the next generation of Internet information organization in the interview before YAHOO? Zhaohui Beijing Research Institute Dean Cheng, he first proposed the concept of interest, and concluded that this portal "concept will be the birth of the next Internet giant.

Zheng Zhaohui is one of the youngest Chinese executives in the YAHOO system, has been responsible for YAHOO’s global market search and personalized home page, personalized future and development trends have unique insights. In his view, portals, search engines, social networks, while reflecting the upgrading of the Internet information organization, but the starting point is common: trying to meet the user’s interests more accurately from different sides.

Assume that the

portal is "everyone is interested in your interest" method is artificial selection; search engine is according to the user’s Query to organize content portal advantage over is that it can meet the real-time and long tail interest; based on social networks is to gather, it is assumed that the Birds of a feather flock together. ". Your social circle will be of interest to you reflect category. Three more or less with the interest of detached, but the study found that users of interest have their own emphasis, and therefore limited.

he believes that if you want to talk about the next generation, it would be a real user interest and information organization, so that users can freely express interest from various dimensions, and to improve the user’s seize the opportune moment of understanding in the interaction, the interest of the structure of the engine meet the precision. Zheng gave this information organization a name, called "interest portal".

talked about interest, we may immediately think personalized. With the advent of the era of personalized, it seems to have become a standard variety of large and small Internet / mobile Internet products. Search, electricity providers, reading, advertising and other traditional products are launched in a variety of personalized, hope that through the personal behavior data mining, refining interest map, and ultimately bring high click rate. LinkedIn acquisition of personalized recommendation service provider mSpoke, CNN acquisition personalized magazine reading English Zite, YAHOO acquired Summly, Facebook launched Facebook Home. Indeed, large and small companies have seen the trend of personalization, but also aware of the benefits will bring personalized. But for large companies, rely on acquisitions, rely on personalized improved products is very difficult and the real well ingrained, personalized and means for their own subversion. For small companies, the need for personalized data, technology, resources, there is a certain space in the short term, but in the long run, if the big companies eyeing, it is easy to be dead.

said in a word, Zheng Zhaohui is not very optimistic about this kind of personalized + traditional products >

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