Webmaster and work with the cluster of life

senior workers are those with educational background and work experience. Is western society of the enterprises do not need to do as a large number of physical labor workers.


website, with the rapid development of the Internet, no money, to a computer to open business, stay at home, with a click of the mouse will be able to buy the right goods. The website has become a kind of fashion and lifestyle, more and more young consumers, it is a kind of new commercial activities to people’s life, engaged in site activities, mainly in the form of commercial trade in using the internet. The website is refers to the use of network technology and network platform, originally belonging to the behavior and system of sales under the line, transplanted to the network, use the network to complete the sales orders, purchase fees, consulting, etc., in addition to the website has all the characteristics of the traditional business, but also a unique business without geographical, time and low cost advantages etc..

I also experienced graduated from University, four job stage, just graduated from University, a monthly salary is less than 1000 yuan, and 8 hours a day working time is short, hard work and not in the second, the key is not free, and I have a special love 80 free, how many features loose, so decided to let go of their do what. Do a website "woman", every day I will hang on the Internet about 12 hours, but does not mean that very hard, because during this period, the online browsing, learning, do not feel boring, personally, I think it says a lot than the class easily. Technical personnel, management personnel, including the office clerk, salesman, typist, stenographer, clerical, accounting, staff and teachers, doctors, lawyers, ordinary staff etc.. These people have a good income and working conditions. But in spite of this, they are still employed because they do not have access to the means of production. In developed capitalist countries, the total number of white-collar workers more than blue collar workers accounted for about 60%-70%. In addition to the individual highly technical industries, the majority of white-collar workers are a crisis of survival. The labor system is not perfect, so that white-collar workers can not be guaranteed.

Entrepreneurship (including our college students) is facing the biggest problem is the lack of start-up capital, low barriers to entry, lack of experience, lack of integration of resources from the professional point of view, the ability to implement management. This is the main reason for the low success rate of entrepreneurship. The operation of the site, in general, is to save costs, the use of their own resources, reduce our risk. Because there is no shop decoration, there is no rent facade, but the appearance of the site is also very important, there are many specialized website templates for talent, spend less, but make your own website not only their own good to hear or see, take on an altogether new aspect, as a customer, I also want to love beautiful website becomes beautiful, more attractive. The site is the most attractive to us, even if the venture fails, it will not cause too much impact on us, at least we are able to withstand the economy or by third parties to protect.

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