Sichuan Jiangxi dissemination of pornographic websites case cracked July 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Qu Jing) at present, the Internet domain name registration to provide overseas or overseas hosting business is very common, but because of the lack of supervision of such activities, a large number of domestic workers to pornographic web hosting to the outside to avoid combat. The reporter learned from the Ministry of public security, public security organs have been uncovered in Sichuan, "sister," May day "Jiangxi girl base" and other pornographic websites to use overseas registration or overseas escrow for illegal activities case.

Chengdu sister May days pornography on the day of May to spread pornographic case

April 2009, Sichuan Province, Chengdu city police cracked the "sister" porn May day "May day" website dissemination of pornographic materials case, these sites mainly charge through advertising and promotion and website "horse fee" profit. After the police investigation, the two sites were built in December 2008, the network server located in the United states. As of the time of the incident, criminals have profit more than 10 yuan.

criminals through bought 4 bank cards, hire an American server, using the online remittance application more than 100 website domain name, web site using the reconstruction of new CMS content management system "module, in order to avoid combat and has established 107 pornographic websites, and use the VPN line maintenance site.

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, VPN technology is one of the important technologies router. VPN special line is a virtual private network, which can be used to establish a proprietary communication network or virtual private network. But it does not really need to lay the physical line, such as optical cable, also do not need to buy a router and other hardware devices.

Jiangxi Niuniu base spread pornographic case

May 2009, Jiangxi province network monitoring Corps survey website "Niuniu base" using multiple domain names for dissemination of pornographic articles, the server is located in the United states. After investigation, the suspect used the name "master" in the Internet activities, and often in Fujian Province, the domain name space provider users "Sino US data" in Fujian province activities. China and the United States data knowingly master to engage in the production of pornographic websites, but because of the interests of the drive, still provide its domain name, space services, not regularly for the master website maintenance.

since January 2009, China and the United States for the master to provide nearly 50 domain names, has sold the United States and other foreign servers, 4 units, profit from nearly $100 thousand. At present, most pornographic websites choose to hire server space construction sites in the overseas, overseas service providers because of interests, there are many providers in knowing that the website provides pornographic websites case still provide the domain name server service.

experts suggested that the relevant state departments should further improve the overseas hosting or domain name registration management system for construction, knowingly pornographic websites, still provide hosting, domain name registration services, VPN services, >

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