Thunder founder Cheng Hao Subversion drops opportunity

in June this year, I have an article forecast the car market competition is so fierce, not four, so before the end of the year will continue to consolidate, I did not expect just 1 months and Uber China merger drops.

domestic travel market is currently only drops, easy to China and three. In the long run, continued consolidation is inevitable. If the government doesn’t care, I think it will end up as one. On the one hand, for easy to come to China and continue to crazy subsidies who can not stand. But there is no way, we must adhere to the bargaining chip, or even the opportunity to be merged, because " peace " always played out.

at the same time, there are a lot of friends online message, raised a lot of questions about the merger. One of the most interesting is that, with the drops Uber China merger, drops has become the absolute hegemony in the Chinese market. The future in the field of travel, whether it has dust landing, there is no challenge, I think the short term is, but there is still a long term, the possibility of subversion.

, of course, the challenge is not easy to come to China, for the two sides, is to insist on victory, then the chance to subvert the end in where?

we all know that, when a racing car race, on the straight road is actually a very small chance of overtaking, overtaking often occurs when the curve. Travel is also in this area, we must find the opportunity to change this kind of disrupting line, in other words, where the corners of the field?.

why? Let’s give an example. One day, all unmanned vehicles are equipped with Baidu’s driverless system drops will be in big trouble! Why? Unmanned systems can not by Baidu cooperation, launched its own a taxi, Baidu " " his driverless cars do car, the client’s cost advantage too obviously, the three place money:

* to the driver’s 70%-80% into the province (now drops or Uber Commission 20%-30% between)

* subsidies to the driver side of the money, of course, also save

* automatic driving the car can run 24X7, people run 12 hours a day on the

basically the cost of the entire taxi may be only 30% (which is completely free of charge is not necessarily a day), the temptation of the user is too big. We have online about express or use car experience, we are very clear, when product homogeneity, price is the first factor to consider the user (China charge 100 to send 100 of the time, every time I charge is 5000).

of course, in addition to cheap, Baidu

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