Gates said the nternet technology will change in the next ten years

according to foreign media reports, Microsoft board chairman Bill · (Bill) on Tuesday, said the Internet technology in the next ten years, great changes will occur in Gates. Gates made the remarks during a meeting with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

the same day, Lee Myung-bak met at the presidential palace in Chong Wa Dae. According to media reports, Gates at the beginning of the meeting, said to Lee Myung-bak: we are approaching the second years of the digital age of ten years. The Internet has now been running for ten years." Gates also mentioned that this is his first visit to South Korea since 2001, second will be very different in ten years."

South Korean government said in a statement, Microsoft, the South Korean government and South Korean companies will invest three of the total $313 million for the development of automotive, electronic games and educational information technology. Prior to this, Microsoft with two South Korean carmaker Hyundai and KIA announced a cooperation agreement, under the agreement, the two Korean companies will have the right to use the Microsoft vehicle software, vehicle owners can go through software control of personal music players and phones using voice commands.

Hyundai and KIA also announced that they plan to build a car information technology innovation center. Hyundai is the parent company of KIA, Hyundai and KIA, the world’s sixth largest auto maker. Gates, after dinner with Lee Myung-bak, said: "we are engaged in a considerable interest in Automotive Software development. This is indeed a very broad space, some exciting innovation will go from here to the world."

Chong Wa Dae statement quoted Gates as saying that these cooperation projects will bring $6 billion 900 million in the next five years, the economic impact.

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