Donews producer Liu Ren court denied allegations of blackmail and impose exactions on 360

Deputy general manager of

Thousand Oaks Internet Technology Development Co. Ltd. Liu Ren and two subordinates were charged with "360 security guards" software to delete negative article grounds, belongs to the software company for 230 thousand yuan (newspaper reported last November 20th). Yesterday, Liu Ren and other 3 people on suspicion of the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on in the west side court trial, Liu Ren denied the allegations in court.

prosecutors alleged that since July last year, with the Donews administration, site staff Xu Xin Liu Ren put things, friends Yang et al., negative news published on the Internet and reproduced on the development of Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. the three occasion infinite "360 security guards" software, and the negative news about the company chairman of the individual to delete the negative news, after the grounds, to the three international company for 230 thousand yuan.

in September 19th last year, the three person to arrange the company manager Xu Xin account to provide the import of $50 thousand. In the afternoon of October 12th, Liu Ren, a restaurant in Haidian in three as the manager of the company once again to receive cash 80 thousand yuan, was arrested by the police.

court, the first interrogation of the allegations against Liu Ren rebuttal, saying he had never threatened the three companies, also did not ask for money.

Liu Ren said a slobber war matter originated in the rising and the "360 security guards", he was just let the tour to make thematic analysis of the central to the web in the "360" not anti-virus technology. "I think it’s a normal news story, and a lot of websites were reporting it." Liu Ren said in court, he never and three international company people talk about money, Xu Xin is the director and later three international company negotiated a $230 thousand PR agreement, to help the company to build brand image, the company will no longer publish negative news.

however, the excuse Liu Ren did not get the two co defendants must. Xu Xin and visiting central pleaded guilty in court, and said: "360" negative news is Liu Ren beck. According to Xu Xinshi said, after the completion of the negative news, the three companies are willing to give money to delete. "I can’t do this. I’m going to ask Liu Ren. Liu Ren asked me to 300 thousand." Xu Xin thing to say, with the three company manager is also an interview with Liu Ren.

is not the case in court for sentencing.

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