Luxury goods net third party authorized it carefully

Zheng Shuang

from the beginning of the "talk about network of color" to gradually "net", a luxury in the road traveling slowly and carefully. But based on the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for luxury and big names, electricity providers who are still tirelessly to reclaim the domestic luxury online shopping.

iResearch predicts that in 2015 China’s luxury online shopping transaction size or up to 37 billion 240 million yuan. Fighting each other electricity providers who are expected to share more from a few cups of soup. However, non luxury brands authorized purchase channels like a stealth bomb explosion, may block the money at any time.

recently, was traced to the sale of fake Casio is a typical case, the industry had to "First Financial Daily" reporter said, now 99% of the domestic luxury goods online shopping business products without brand licensing, the vast majority are parallel imports (i.e. through non official channels wholesale products) this means that these channels. The product can not be guaranteed as genuine, consumers are at risk of fake and shoddy goods.

on the other side, foreign luxury online stores have landed in china. In 2010 the famous fashion brand global official network of retail partners YOOX announced its entry into the Chinese market; and the network store luxury goods group’s Net-a-Porter also in March of this year officially entered the China.

in the face of the situation sinks Sheshang domestic trouble and foreign invasion, vice president Angela Kapp said in an interview: "Chinese luxury providers should really dedicated to luxury brand licensing, I don’t think the non official channels of product model based on sustainable development is to."

however, it is not easy to obtain the official authorization of luxury brands, there are only a few other luxury electricity supplier to do so. Why are luxury brands so hard? What are their concerns? How do domestic electricity providers make a breakthrough?

authorized hard


industry has spread a business manager to spend hundreds of thousands of luxury brand management on the authorization problem, the result is part. Whether this rumor is true or false, electricity providers to obtain luxury brand licensing difficult is an indisputable fact. For this, as the founder of early VIP network, Chen Renzhong’s deep feelings.

In the early days of

, VIP network team insisted and brand directly to discuss cooperation, because of the non official channels of products can not be guaranteed to be genuine, and persistent supply sources may also face problems. But negotiating with luxury brands is a difficult process.

at the beginning of 2010 VIP network began to talk about the authorization problem in Hongkong and Chole, until the end of 2010, the management of network and the Chloe has more mature communication, highly recognized brand in the authorization. However, in the upcoming products at the beginning of 2011, due to changes in policy within the European headquarters of Chloe, already imminent cooperation jiaran >

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