What kind of website does China need

actually I was not qualified to talk about this topic, afraid to let the veteran laugh, but people in the behind, involuntarily, thick skinned.

want to do but haven’t made friends all have a confused, just do not know the direction. Seems to do anything, because there are people doing, have success. Seems to do nothing, because there are people doing, and what they compete with others. Who may also have such confusion, seems to peak website has passed, now do, can only be a garbage station, or just as others patch. But I do not think so, because of the birth of the Internet now is only more than ten years of history, admittedly, when the network was born, the probability of success will be made up of many, many such examples, but also can not think it is a dead end, the station will do nothing, because the success of the site after all, to go through the test of time, even when QQ did, did not expect a few years later would be so successful. So to see the problem with the development of vision, standing at a height, and then look back, thinking will change a lot. The Internet is the greatest revolution in the history of mankind, and it will be accompanied by the entire history of mankind. So if from the history point of view, after 10 years, decades, or even centuries, thousands of years, then go back to our present age, is not just a beginning or infancy, there is not a lot of opportunities to succeed. So I advise the new owners do not be pessimistic, to see the situation, identify the target and entry point.

specifically, the developed world is now our tomorrow. So if foreign good webmaster do not prevent much attention to foreign websites and information, if can insight into the opportunities that will be. You can look at the station, are basically foreign step footsteps. I believe there will be many similar situations. You may say that the Alibaba is not, but I feel that even if this model does not create Ma, not long, foreign websites or other people will be created. Ma Yun is a miracle and an exception. Domestic words, the national portal is basically no new force to compete. Local portal is also dystocia. I like the city, so far there is no a decent portal, citizens now check up things, such as housing, only looking at Baidu, seems to be a chance, but if you really want to build a company, need to transport the nature of the group, only with enthusiasm, one or two people it is impossible, unless it is COPY, garbage station. This requires manpower and financial support, I believe that if you can do it, is certainly useful, if small, will be ended in failure. Then the nature of the site, especially in some emerging industries, we need to pay more attention to reality. The network is unreal, the thing on the net is actually. Come back to the reality from reality, is the only way.

would like to say a thorough understanding of the superficial understanding of e-commerce, but the reasons for the time, then say.

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