Gome online will Kuba Kuba domain fused completely jump to the United States online

A5 (www.admin5.com/) station network November 29th news yesterday, the well-known home appliance online shopping platform released on the website of Kuba fusion announcement, said that since last year, Gome online with Gome online mall and Kuba, after a year’s time, Gome online experience has reached and unified in the brand, technology, supply chain and customers, and a single brand extension is more conducive to the consumer recognition and business. After careful consideration, in order to give our members bring a better shopping experience, from November 29th onwards, the United States online will complete fusion Kuba, unified brand and logo for the United States online Kuba Kuba brand, and now no longer in use. After the fusion, for the protection of members of the Kuba habits and interests of member, member login Kuba (www.coo8.com) will jump directly to the United States online (www.gome.com.cn), the user points and the rights and interests of the members remain unchanged.

Gome in 2010 November to spend 48 million yuan to acquire 80% stake in the kuba. In May 2012, Wong Kwong Yu by the United States to spend HK $90 million acquisition of Yuedong coo8 and new beauty (responsible for the operation of Gome online mall) 40% stake. December 3, 2012, Gome announced Gome online mall renamed Gome online, and with the integration of Cuba. Later, Bowser began to move the United States online. The first round of layoffs consolidation also officially began, when the United States online layoffs of nearly 400 people. At that time, whether the independent brand guess Kuba will disappear, but eventually the two sides still remain an independent brand, dual brand operation, integration is part of the back-end: information sharing system, interaction and sharing, sharing membership, a portion of the goods procurement scale and efficiency of logistics system, and information sharing service. After the integration of United States online Kuba is not ideal, had been slow, because of the development speed loss rate higher, Gome will sell Kuba, but eventually He Yangqing vice president of the United States veto.

began in 2012 after the integration, Kuba brand already exists. The Kuba announced full integration with Gome, Gome online domain jump marks coo8 this independent brand will bid farewell to the Internet completely. Kuba originally created by Wang Zhiquan, Wang Zhiquan in August 2012 from the Kuba leaving the creation of big park network. In recent years, the domestic vertical electric providers have suffered the plight of development, this is the platform of the year of the outbreak, the vertical electric providers also forced to an impasse in a year. "Suppliers owed money", "20% off" will we push up and cool, in the teeth of the storm, sports socks housekeeper, tree network and other vertical electric providers have failed this year. Die Kuba brand to the vertical electric failure case adds a. (text / Yang Yang)

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