Office of the State Council on the new Google search out of mainland China to talk Beijing

on 23 March, the State Council Information Office Bureau early this morning, the Google Corporation announced the end of the law in accordance with the provisions of Chinese of harmful information filtering, search service from the mainland to Hongkong Chinese statement.

official pointed out that foreign companies operating in China must abide by Chinese laws. Make a written commitment to enter the market Chinese against Google Corporation, to stop censoring, and hacker attacks and accusations China innuendo, this is completely wrong. We are firmly opposed to politicizing business issues, expressing dissatisfaction and indignation at the Google Corporation’s unreasonable accusations and practices.

the responsible person said, in January 12th the Google Corporation not with me in advance the relevant government departments ventilation, issued a statement claiming that by the Chinese government backed hackers to China operation "under review, the Internet search engine", and "consider withdrawing from the market China". In the Google Corporation for repeated requests, to listen to their true thoughts, reflects China’s sincerity, in January 29th this year, February 25th Chinese relevant government departments responsible person has two times with the Google Corporation responsible for consultations, patiently explain its problems, stressed that foreign companies should follow the law China in Chinese operation, such as the Google Corporation is willing to comply with Chinese the law, we are still welcome to Google Corporation in Chinese operation and development; such as the Google Corporation insisted on Google Chinese web search service that is the withdrawal of the Google Corporation’s own things, but must be in accordance with the China laws and international practice, the responsibility to do the rehabilitation work.

the official pointed out that the Chinese government encourages the development and popularization of the Internet to promote the opening of the internet. China’s Internet exchanges and comments are very active, e-commerce and other rapid development. Facts have proved that China’s Internet investment environment, the development environment is good. China will unswervingly adhere to the policy of opening to the outside world, welcome foreign enterprises to participate in the development of China’s Internet, and provide good service for foreign businessmen to develop and operate in china. China will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid development of the internet.

Beijing time on March 23rd at three three in the morning, senior vice president of Google Corporation, Chief Legal Officer David · Drummond made a public statement once again accused of assault by hackers China, Google announced the end of the China search service "filter review", and the search service from the mainland to Hongkong Chinese.

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