Stationmaster net broadcast Lei Jun became what vertical website will fail do how

1 cloud vulnerability reporting Oolong said the leaked information is another resume Zhaopin website  

yesterday morning, cloud network vulnerability platform released a vulnerability report, the report pointed out that this vulnerability can lead to 860 thousand Zhaopin users resume information disclosure, Zhaopin responded that the information was leaked and not Zhaopin users. Then the cloud platform will delete the report.


denied the existence of loopholes in


report says the cloud platform, the vulnerability can lead to the recruitment of the database of 860 thousand user resume is acquired by hackers, including accounts, identity cards and other important information. The report also screenshot shows "Zhaopin" and user ID.

Zhaopin told reporters that the company received the clouds of white hat hackers mail in the evening of December 2nd, after the recruitment of technical department investigation confirmed, submitted by the clouds white hat suspected vulnerability information to the IP address, not zhaopin. Suspected of leaking information published on the website in the cloud picture, with Zhaopin field resume information, "not from zhaopin".

2.Airbnb: the failure of a rental website with great (under)  

attaches importance to the user experience, Airbnb rapid development of

at the same time, the social media environment is changing. People are increasingly interested in sharing their ideas and photos on social media, which is almost unimaginable in the past ten years. Also, we know that the United States had just emerged from a recession dilemma, also let the people at the time of consumption not as wasteful, online shopping has become a consumer of their love, all these potential factors have contributed to the development of Airbnb.

The founders of

Airbnb began to further optimize their website. They simplify the payment process, the tenant only need to enter a credit card number, you can automatically receive room headed. They also synchronize the room information posted by the owner on the Airbnb website to the CrAIGslist site (which was later blocked). In addition, just one button, the owner can make a reservation for a free professional photographer to shoot their room photos, and upload them to the Airbnb data.

3 community O2O platform how to monopolize the user needs of 70%

this article does not write the concept, but to tell the reader what the first step to do, what to do in the second step, the goal is to build a community O2O integrated platform, the monopoly of consumer demand and demand for 50% services in the 70%.

the basic idea is: the establishment of community supermarket, the establishment of the APP online platform, invite the community nearby merchants settled in APP, the customer to the settled merchants consumption or purchase of goods online and earn points, integral can enjoy member price in the community supermarket. Low membership

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