The new shop or a Beijing business network a mere scrap of paper tube

January 4th, director of the Beijing municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau Zhang Zhikuan announced that 2009 will be the B2B trading platform in the online professional web portal and integrated portal in the main business into the monitor, focus on monitoring online marketing, selling unlicensed, and online fraud and other 4 kinds of behavior. At first glance seems to be against the shop operating without a license, but actually strictly limited the B2B trading platform online — network business to business, has nothing to do with the ordinary individual shop.

analysts believe that this approach is a wise move in the context of the financial crisis.

, the reporter noted that the face of the international financial crisis, all the business have recently issued a series of preferential policies to encourage the individual shop. Among them, Taobao is located in Zhejiang Province, the introduction of a clear policy is not required to do business license.

Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau regardless of the initiator of evil shop changed pipe network, Zhejiang Province, and clear the shop without the need to follow, which means that many individuals have the shop owner heavy-hearted the shop the new regulations has been postponed indefinitely, or even become a mere scrap of paper.

Beijing business quietly reassigned

Beijing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau unlicensed shop strict news, once caused a small controversy in the network. The key to combat unlicensed "was part of the users mistakenly think that the" individual shop provisions must continue to apply for business license ". Last July 2nd, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau has quietly released a "on the implementation of strengthening the supervision and management of e-commerce", from August 1st onwards, the city shop profit must apply to the Department of industry and commerce business license. This is called "the provisions of the Beijing new shop", then set off a great disturbance in the industry.

it is understood that in January 4th the meeting called for the B2B trading platform online shop. Since the B2B model is mainly related to business enterprise e-commerce, so the focus is not on the object of the C2C model of individual shop.

in this regard, Chen Yongdong, an e-commerce expert from Shanghai, said, relatively speaking, C2C shop relatively loose operation of a lot of". In his view, the focus on Internet marketing, unlicensed behavior, at least in the general direction is to meet the requirements of large. He also predicted that once the relevant management and regulatory authorities feel that the practice of Beijing is more feasible, it is likely to promote the country".

Beijing other departments to encourage the shop

in fact, since the second half of last year in the face of the global financial crisis, in order to reduce the tax burden of the self-employed, the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce had jointly issued a notice, from September 1st last year at the national unity to cease the levying of individual industrial and commercial households management fees and management fees in the trading market.

as early as more than two months ago, the relevant departments of the city of Beijing has issued regulations on the individual shop by must apply for a license to encourage. The "shop" as a form of retail sales into the unemployed in Beijing >

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