Commander how to rely on the power of the nternet approached young people


light fashion, leisurely life.

commander in transition "light fashion home appliances", followed by a water heater in Hangzhou, · kitchen appliances strategic launch. This activity can be regarded as part of Haier "Chef electric" strategy, also is the commander of the transition in 2016 practice younger brand ending, in order to release the new kitchen to support the new connotation of the brand. Look at these new commander can be found:

approached and mingle into the young man

and 90

there is no doubt that after 80, 90, after 00 generations of young people have gradually developed the main force of China’s economy. But it’s hard for you to describe these young people with a few key words. They are rebellious and traditional, both personality and non mainstream, to be free, but also conservative.

, for example, 00 are as follow the Internet generation, acquiring information far more than their parents, but most of the TV classic reading, and not very cold, but happy through the video website and intelligent mobile phone to obtain information. 00 have better material conditions, but not keen on luxury goods, but prefer small fresh brand.

to tap their potential needs, not just "approached" these young people, to understand their perception, but to them, "into" the passions of young people, together with them, look at the world through their perspective. "Walk" is really "approach"".

so, whether or water heater, lampblack machine, the new commander is not from behind closed doors, but through the community (official website, Jingdong, WeChat group evaluation and all kinds of BBS) as a communication path with young people, the formation of "user interaction ecosystem, product development, product iteration in the full draw young man. And demand.

as a result of this, direct drive commander produced a series of "high color value, light fashion practical Chuwei products, and this is where the needs of young people.

cut five key points to do young people’s first

specifically, what is the young people love the "high Yan value, light fashion, and how to command their needs? They will demand up to five points:

1, light.

light means lightweight, simple and simple. Young people don’t love too complicated things, and willing to accept the simple life, minimalism is increasingly popular among young people. Commander in chief of electrical appliances will not set too many complex settings and buttons, changing the word to speak, cut off a lot of useless idle operation function, while leaving the key. The commander of the lampblack machine as an example, a key to start cleaning will be able to support, through the high temperature steam technology of its original, 15 minutes to complete the cleaning, cleaning rate as high as 99.2%; in addition, commander of 1 degree accurate temperature control of the oven and a thawing of the steamer, is simple and the efficiency of the typical production.

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