Why virtual reality will become the next social platform

Oculus Social application screen scene

last week Magic Leap financing events and Amazing Black technology caused by VR industry hot, when people have to turn their attention to this company, Oculus company in Gear VR quietly released a product called Oculus Social Alpha social applications. The emergence of this application is undoubtedly marked the formation of a virtual social world, and whether the future of virtual reality will become the next social platform, it is worth looking forward to.

recently focused on the field of science and technology writer Mike Elgan in the Computerworld (computer world) website published an article. In this article the author introduces some details of the Oculus Social Alpha application, analyzes the deep meaning of Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR, and from the social aspects that he is a social platform for views on the future of virtual reality. The full text will be the first person "I" on behalf of the author.

Oculus Social is how an application


users are experiencing Gear VR

Oculus Social is currently a virtual reality viewing applications. After entering the application, you can choose their own avatar, and then choose to enter the room into a small theater, sitting on the black sofa and other virtual small partners view. Video playback is from Twitch or Vimeo on the pre selected programs, if you want, you can also chat with the next four people, of course, they also like you show a virtual avatar.

in the current version, into the theater after the side can only see the virtual buddy avatar, no body, but the same as the real world, you nod or rotate the head, others will nod or rotate the head. The video on the front screen will show a three-dimensional sound, the user’s voice comes from the virtual avatar.

this experience may be a bit boring, but with the development of virtual reality applications, which is just a primary application. But it has an important milestone, because it is the first social experience based on the virtual reality platform.

next year will be the year of virtual reality. Oculus Rift is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2016. Microsoft HoloLens Enterprise Edition will also be listed next year. Google’s tray glasses Cardboard platform should eventually get the attention of the mainstream public, it is a suitable way for all companies open source, allowing them to develop cheap VR header content, use the phone to watch. At the same time consumers will have access to a lot of other hardware, software and VR content products.

public opinion that the success of the VR application will be a game application. But I think it will be social interaction class, which is why O>

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