The electricity supplier website operators Taobao drainage strippers scheme discussion

this program is purely discussed, not implemented, no data, no cases. Perhaps perhaps there is possibility, not worth a hair, if you are interested in it, just talk together. My writing is not good, also is a bit complicated, in order to understand that, more nagging, please look at the patient.

a commercial street.

street, cold drink shop.

street, bakery, said: good hungry.

visitors to the customer, a lot of tourists, streams of people busily coming and going.

all the evil force, into the store to soliciting.

bread, cold drink.

however, see more, buy less. When people walk, tea is cooler.

new guest did not see much, old guest does not return.

two boss, with the moves.

cold drink shop, bakery, eye-catching, billboard. Book: style striptease, free tickets. —- a certain Lane in a certain theater.

more or less, someone got a ticket.

to come into the theater.

: enough style, the show is excellent.

see a mess, mouth parched and tongue scorched.


has a cold drink, isn’t it?


dancer appearance, carrying all kinds of drinks: "buy one, sir, to


well, drink.

program, continue.

for a long time, abdominal empty.


is a dancer played various bread: "free, objective, eat


well, eat.


program is so wonderful that I want to come next time.


well, go to a cold drink shop, a bakery, a ticket.

program objective:

1 flow recovery: the flow of the shop to pull hard, a lot of silent loss, don’t know where they went. These flows run amok, think of a way to contact these tourists, then guide them to the one we want them to go, try to use two times.

2 flow sharing: into the cold drink shop customers, have the opportunity to see the bread shop program.

3 clean inventory: some of the total non benign inventory, the price can not sell. With the inventory of goods, to flow.

4 users: SNS kept shouting loudly, really do good, not much. If you can not meet the needs of the customer’s spiritual level, then use the material to support. Raise tens of thousands of customers, do not worry about no flow. A house can not afford, can raise together? "

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