Total station real name blog network was attacked because of anonymity to meet the requirements of d

            "who does not say who they are, they asked me to delete a blogger’s article, and later asked to delete a reporter bowen. This unreasonable demands, we certainly can not promise." President Ma Xiaolin said bo. I did not expect this two phone, real name Bo blog website from 24 onwards by several anonymous attacks, until now still not back.

after the attack, due to their own micro-blog open, Ma Xiaolin released the news on its micro-blog, "24 evening 6 pm, Bo received customer service phone numbers without male threat, demanding the closure of his blog, otherwise blshe attack, log normal condition cannot be changed. For other voices, it’s hard to figure out his name. Then Bo site that is completely unable to login." 25 am, the site had a short time to resume operations, but also an anonymous phone call, and the replacement of the requirements of the target, from the so-called girlfriend for another reporter blog. What is more foggy."

yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the blshe customer service. According to the staff, was a colleague of his received the phone, caller ID number is unknown, the other party may be through the Internet phone or other phone call. At that time, the phone was off and on, and now the colleague recalled that the person who called should not have a girlfriend or a friend. But he did not say the name of the friend, but in the phone read a string of letters." Because the phone is off and on, the staff did not remember the URL, and rejected the unreasonable demands".

did not expect the next morning, and received a similar call each other, the change of the target requirements of blog content delete a reporter, "which is a specific reporter, we are not convenient to disclose, but we view the contents of this blog can be said to reporters, not what the private topic, are some of the social news and phenomenon. For example, the pollution problems and so on. We now suspect that some of these things may have touched the interests of some individuals or groups." Ma Xiaolin said. In the morning, the site has been reported to the Chaoyang police officers.

news background

Bo: only the station name system blog site

Bo real name registration blog website for the only one station. No free registration open, but through recommendation, invitation and recommendation in three ways, through the occupation qualification and status review acceptance of bloggers, and mark the real name, occupation and personal photos.

yesterday, Bo said: "President Ma Xiaolin had been attacked, but most of them are short, not so long as this time." The Bo is famous for its real name blog, the other person will be in the real name system? Ma Xiaolin said that at present it is difficult to determine, but as the real name of micro-blog, we are for the management of the release of comments >

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