WeChat shopping portal thoroughly Jingdong QQ online shopping brand fade


] July 22nd news billion state power network, WeChat shopping channel has completed another historic transformation. Jingdong micro Xinshou Q division recently revealed to billion state power network, from July 20th onwards, WeChat shopping entrance and sellers of goods have been all from the Jingdong platform (including self-employed and POP), no longer from the QQ online shopping goods.

According to

billion state power network to understand, since WeChat increased online shopping function in my bank card channel to supply the sector which has experienced from the easy fast network +QQ online shopping "," QQ online shopping + Jingdong "to only Jingdong.

‘s initial WeChat shopping channel is mainly the introduction of easy fast network and QQ online shopping goods

previously, the Jingdong officially launched in a shopping entrance WeChat after a period of time, the Jingdong platform and QQ online shopping platform, goods are present opportunities in the entrance, businesses can enroll in the Jingdong from WeChat, also can sign up from the QQ aspects of online shopping.

, according to the business revealed that in June, Jingdong began to sort out the composition of the supply of WeChat shopping channels, and gradually reduce the purchase of goods from the QQ, and announced that the future will no longer accept QQ online shopping business registration.

the latest news, the Jingdong has made it clear that, as of July 20th, the Jingdong WeChat shopping entrance will ensure the goods and the seller from the Jingdong platform, the original QQ online shopping platform and sellers of goods will import all Jingdong. As for the QQ online shopping this brand, it will gradually fade out.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in April this year, in fact, there was news that QQ will no longer use the online shopping platform in the mall after integration and Jingdong. But Jingdong official responded that QQ online shopping is not closed schedule, the seller can continue to operate, Jingdong will continue to invest.

with the pat Network’s independence, fast and easy integration with Jingdong, Tencent’s B2C main position of QQ online shopping in the completion of the integration with the Jingdong, the brand seems to become inevitable fade.


Jingdong WeChat after the entrance of the first line, the supply of goods from Jingdong +QQ online shopping

Jingdong interpretation of this adjustment is: to simplify the process of commodity reporting process, reduce the cost of understanding the cost of the platform and the platform docking costs, while allowing businesses to concentrate more energy.

in fact, the original QQ online shopping platform, while a large part of the business has a shop in the Jingdong (garment category, for example, according to the Jingdong, and the Jingdong pop QQ online shopping businesses mainly are 60%~70%, so the coincidence) in Jingdong WeChat shopping entrance source, this part of the QQ online shopping businesses basically not affected and only need to store registration to Jingdong. The specific process is: the registration of the new QQ number, access to micro shop qualifications, and then Jingdong store goods synchronized to the micro shop, and then carry out activities reported.


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