Virus transmission industry revenue model secret annual profit of 100 million yuan

[core tip]: with the increase in the number of Chinese Internet users, the spread of computer viruses from the previous simple and rough way of transmission becomes more subtle, and the formation of a detailed operating process. According to Kingsoft cloud security statistics, at present, the ten major virus group has been controlled by 80% of the virus on the Internet to download the channel, the main group of viruses can infect about per day, PC. Only traffic income, a year can profit 120 million – $150 million. As a group of people who have been infected with the virus, now golden wash Zhao Yong (a pseudonym) on the virus group’s workflow is familiar with the. He detailed decryption of the operation of the virus industry chain.

virus transmission concealment

for the virus group, there is usually a person in charge of the project, in general, the virus is similar to the group of shell companies, not many people in the team, a few people, and more than a dozen people, the person in charge of the project to get from upstream manufacturers after the tasks will be to assign the task team. That is generally divided into three steps, the first step is to arrange for tool making, or virus; the second step is to flow control, arrange the people responsible for the promotion of the virus; the third step is to collect information about the virus and Trojan gets converted into money. Virus program written well, get 500 thousand yuan a month is very easy, a few years ago, the large and medium-sized virus group income of 10 million yuan a year there is no problem".


virus group early technique is relatively simple and crude, usually by stealing game equipment and game account and other illegal means, and then to profit by reselling. Zhao Yong said that the virus can make a virus or a Trojan horse, after the discovery of some computer system vulnerabilities, often at night will be tens of thousands of computer virus infection, the group began to "harvest", will not stop from the infected computer account and password box". After mastering the user’s password and account number, the virus group will sell the game account, or sold to a special wash group to profit.

after 2007, because the game makers often update the game software, and antivirus vendors of viruses and Trojan horse is very strict, and the virus group after hacking "cash" is more difficult in recent years, the virus group mode of operation from the business model into a malicious hacking more and more "normal", more is through traffic that is to pay customer oriented ", to guide the flow or help to increase its software downloads. However, the days are getting harder". Based on this, Zhao Yong chose to quit the virus manufacturing industry.

virus group’s customers are mainly from upstream manufacturers, large Internet companies, there are small Internet Co. Zhao Yong said, according to its understanding, a search engine and input method factory have had one or two months filled with the experience of the user’s computer, the user installed so large, and its promotion is clearly a relationship".

, however, according to a person in charge of the site to download Mr. Wang, the real situation is that a virus group will often find the need to get the flow of large formal promotion of the upstream payment factory >

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