Hi Amoy network and other 4 suspected illegal online advertising was first exposed

hi Amoy network is known as an access permit, can quickly thin cactus patent enrichment, in fact, the Ministry of health has never approved any cactus for new resources of food. Yesterday, the business alliance media shopping Specialized Committee (hereinafter referred to as foreign share media Committee) informed the 33 illegal TV shopping ads, of which 4 network advertisement was first exposed.

fat black coffee exaggerated publicity

According to the

business share media Committee bulletin, a well-known website "dynamic business information" column published by big belly slimming tea advertising, declared 7 days pregnant have shrivelled, cardiovascular disease and other farewell. But after investigation, the approval of the state health care function is regulating blood lipids of gingko tea, while advertising effect is: oil, slimming cure, suspected of false propaganda, misleading consumers.

Hunan satellite TV (micro-blog) and taobao.com (micro-blog) jointly run hi Tao published online shopping slimming super P57 advertising, which is 80:1 times of high concentrate in South Africa patent of cactus, can suppress appetite and lose weight fast, said the Ministry of Health issued a super P57 access card in the name of the new resources of food. But in fact, the Ministry of health did not approve any cactus for new resources of food, suspected of false propaganda.

also left with thin baidileinuo fat burning black coffee is 10 times of Internet advertising, fat burning, a weight never rebound ", according to the investigation of the product is no batch products, hype. Medical advertising is the investigation of gold moxibustion medical batch, the curative effect of the patients own experiences propaganda banned way.

free to send actually commercial fraud

at the same time, also share media committee monitoring found that Bao Yuxiang gold shop claimed that the 10 anniversary of Thanksgiving, 4 pieces of gold jewelry 299 yuan during the period, also called to see ads minus 100 yuan, 4 pieces of gold jewelry 199 yuan, purely commercial fraud.

in addition, beauty with gold shop declared free to send 3 gold bracelets, gold 60 grams, the phone can be two gold bracelet, gold necklace, gold rings, earrings, buy a send five. China mobile phone video advertising, free gold and diamond six, suspected of commercial fraud. There is a free computer to send advertising, free to send 200 U.S. imports of handwritten computers, plus free navigation system for the United States to send the phone, and then free to send $4000 calls, etc., these are purely commercial fraud.

business share media Committee chief counsel Zhang Xin pointed out that free, not money, to see that this is a gimmick, a few years turns staged, part of the media provides an opportunity for criminals to commercial fraud, emerging industry media shopping has reached trillion market size, the state should be introduced as soon as possible to regulate the corresponding laws and regulations. 33 illegal TV shopping ads can log on the media purchase Committee website.

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