Finally bought Pea pods acquisition domain wandou com price over 100 thousand yuan

renamed Chinese ( September 17th – the day before, pea pod co-founder Wang Junyu said in an interview, because can not afford to buy the domain name "pea" him, and finally in this year a wish will take the domain name, with higher than the price of one hundred thousand yuan. Currently, jump pea pods official website



: pea pod

It is reported that,

, pea pods are the first of the name "mobile phone pea spirit" but have to spend more than ten million to buy domain name, it is not acceptable for the venture capital of less than 1 million yuan for their. At the same time, pea pods domain name as long as you can get registered with $6.99, followed by a clear return to become their best choice.

‘s back then, does not mean permanent yield. After several years of development, when the wallet is shy pea pods has grown to become the country’s largest Android mobile phone software download platform, but also at the beginning of the investment amount of up to $120 million. As a result, it’s easy to take

pea pod bought Wang Sicong’s acquisition of, although the two domain names are related with the brand name, is only the hand in order to protect the brand name, but the two big move might also promote " wan" domain name


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