Google China to close the East China agent customer advertising negotiations broke down

NetEase science and technology news November 5th news, Google China closed at 12 noon today, the East China’s 7 agents of the customer’s advertising display. Agents of NetEase technology, said the talks have broken down, they believe that Google close customer advertising is the hope that through the pressure of the customer to the agent. For the closure of the customer advertising, NetEase technology subsequently contacted Google spokesman Wang Jinhong, she said, in addition to the statement issued before the foreign, there is no new news to the media. East China agents on Wednesday (October 27th) and Google Asia Pacific Sales Director Aliza conducted a formal negotiations, negotiations from 1 pm until late at night on the point of 12. Then on Thursday, Friday, the two sides continue negotiations. Aliza left Shanghai on Friday night and left a lawyer to negotiate with agents.

agents, according to the disclosure, in the 27 day of the negotiations, they once again questioned the Aliza to cancel the rationality and fairness of Google agents in East China, requires a reasonable explanation. They believe that Google first to re-examine their decisions, recognize the error, to restore the reputation of agents, and then talk about compensation. "But there are a lot of things they either deny, or they don’t respond positively."

, however, said the agency had confirmed that compensation would be taken as a measure of Aliza’s departure from Shanghai on Friday. 7 evening, Google’s lawyers were prepared in terms of the contract, and calculate the specific compensation number and agents agreed to meet on Monday. This Monday, dealers to Google provides a compensation plan, Tuesday Google party lawyers issued another plan, involving 30 customers dealers advertising agency sales rebate and the purchase of 7 agents under the cost. In this regard, agents are very dissatisfied, these are what we should get, but the scope of business, is not a compensation."

"we have thousands of employees who are trained to serve Google, and if they stop acting, they lose their jobs. We have four or five years of continuous investment in the local market, "said the agents. Agents are then informed they will close its customer display advertising, on Thursday (November 4th) the agents on this notice again given a plan, recommend a place of the original business agent, and proposed a new agent, Google, old agents jointly liable. New agents are willing to make 30 million compensation, but the plan has not yet received a response from Google.

so far, the two sides deadlocked negotiations.

"now no one dares to come out and talk to us, in order to keep their jobs, they are afraid to come out to take responsibility, and put pressure on agents and our customers on the body of the." Agent said. At 12 noon today, Google China closed the East China’s agents of the customer’s advertising display of the 7. Agents have criticized the closure of customer advertising is no reason, but also contrary to the purpose of Google has always been. When the deadline, Google has not yet closed on a given customer advertising. (Niu Qian) >

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