WeChat shop accused of pseudo zero threshold benefit from the media


] WeChat news billion state power shop yesterday formally exposure, the industry WeChat "zero threshold" open outcry. However, billion state power network learned from a number of senior business people, WeChat store in the current business situation, is not disruptive, the shop far from the arrival of the era, and create a "WeChat Taobao" is Arabian Nights.

zero threshold is a pseudo proposition

According to

billion state power network to understand, is not like the WeChat store called "zero threshold", the so-called zero threshold is relative to the third party developers, businesses can not help in the case of free tools, using WeChat’s own website, and completed a series of sales in the WeChat store.

but in fact, if the merchant uses WeChat store, you must apply for a public account number, and obtain official certification, at the same time, only under the premise of access to WeChat payment, was allowed to shop on WeChat.

account authentication to 300, WeChat pay margin of 20 thousand, and each transaction in the future, but also pumping." Merchants pointed out that WeChat shop zero threshold is not equivalent to free. All sorts of restrictions and fetters and pre charge, have a lot of shops outside the home.

was originally thought to be a small shop WeChat ‘small and beautiful’ sellers a chance to fight back, after all, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other large platforms will no longer have the opportunity to surface. However, WeChat store is not ready for our small sellers, whose natural threshold has been decided not to have a chance." An original designer brand responsible person, had not been looking for third parties to open micro shopping, because there are these obstacles exist. WeChat store and not the threshold to the participation of the whole section.

WeChat version of Taobao is a paradox

at present, the majority of small and medium sellers continue to wait and see, especially for the future of WeChat store traffic situation can not be predicted under the premise of.

billion state power network in the course of the investigation was informed that the majority of sellers on the WeChat store concerns from traffic support. Although the station is more and more convenient, but did not flow into, or a pool of stagnant water.

WeChat subscription number to do electricity supplier is different from Taobao, there is no large and centralized search as the introduction of traffic, businesses can only spread through social marketing, to generate contact with the user. Previously, Tencent also emphasized the concept of electricity supplier to the center.

WeChat focus on the flow of imported Jingdong is such a level entrance, WeChat shop is also seen in connection with the entrance of the Jingdong." The merchant said, if there is no uniform drainage, the shop owner will need to carry out their own marketing, but WeChat is not allowed, sellers have firmly.

a small shop, cheers, but WeChat is essentially a circle of friends, not a promotional tool, rose powder is not easy, which determines the performance bottleneck of the micro shop." A well-known generation operators bluntly, WeChat shop is difficult in the mobile terminal >

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