Cool source CMS11 19 grand debut 30 thousand Yuan grand prize so you get

good news, cool source CMS (official website of forum will be released KYCMS V1.0 official version 2007-11-19, content management system is developed based on the Microsoft.NET2.0 platform as the first official release of the source, cool CMS uses a lot of new technology, to overcome the many technical difficulties in CMS industry.

cool source technical director Mr. Deng Weijie introduced cool source CMS biggest advantage lies in its high scalability, arbitrary custom field input output function. Cool source system custom model, custom forms (editable form entry interface), custom data list, custom data pages, super tab and other functions can almost meet all the results you want!

You can customize the

data table, data field, custom types can achieve data source, you can customize the search based on the interaction of members and administrators, call any data you want to display and customize the display effect. In addition cool source CMS also has good support in SEO. For more details, please pay attention to cool source company official forum

cool source V1.0 version highlights:

1: custom model and powerful field attribute settings. Easy to achieve the classification of information real estate talent supply and demand novel model. You can enter any field based on this feature.

2: simple tag call model data features, visual template tag editing interface. You can call any data through a visual interface.

3: powerful custom form management. Can generate order number, online booking, the property can be set up in the background field, and can set a variety of attribute values, you can set any custom form display. Part of the functional industry initiative.

4 you can customize the function to achieve any custom small classification, to read any of the conditions of the list page.

5: personalized customer feedback (Q & a system) management functions.

6: total station feature. Can easily achieve Tencent, people’s network and other topics.

7: powerful tag keyword function. Can even achieve page.

8: powerful multi step voting system.

9: enhanced super label, arbitrary data to achieve any call, and can customize the call to the list.

10: improved advertising management function.

11: aggregation space / album function.

12: custom single page function.

13: supports any member to any model

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