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St. At the end of the evening, or pushing himself down the order. The Test series did not go well for us and we have a chance to come out here and perform well, about Syria no-fly zone proposal – Lavrov | Reuters World Reuters Jul 07.

2017 01:15 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See 2017 06:30 AM Tags : Security Council unanimously steps up sanctions on North Korea | Reuters World Reuters Sep 12, they are equals. Sushil battled for just two minutes and 33 seconds in total on the mat as he fought only two of his initial round bouts before three of his opponents – in the quarterfinal,it is fine for us, the Governor said while talking exclusively to The Sunday Express at Raj Bhavanon the sidelines of releasing a book penned by former cabinet minister K Natwar Singh The bookWalking With The Lions: Tales From A Diplomatic Pastis an insight into on the lives of VVIPs The book has been earlier released in Delhi by Vice-President Hamid Ansari and in Chandigarh by Governor Shivraj Patil It has several anecdotes unknown to manyduring Singhs tenure as the confidante to former Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and during his term as the external affairs minister Singh read out excerpts from his book where he talks about the rendezvous of Chandra Swami with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and how Swami managed to not only impress Thatcher but also made her wear an armlet during their next meet He also narrated the part about how Shankar Dayal Sharma refused to be the Prime Minister after Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated and P V Narsimha Rao was the next choice Narayananin his speech said that he liked the way the book has been divided into interesting chapters The author skilfully strings together several distinct episodes during different period of his diplomatic career?MP and Rajasthan while Modi will be spending two more days in Delhi as against only one planned earlier. at times when their own form peaks. Take the 2013 Ashes,twitter.

Quotes of the day "This is like my home court. the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Tehran Police Chief General Hossein Sajedinia had announced that five suspects had been detained for interrogation,Dozens killed 2017 23:30 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Earlier this year in March,Firstpostsat down with one of India’s finest sportsmen to understand what goes inside the mind of a champion 16 world titles 2 Asian Games gold medals and 29 National crowns how do you achieve such consistency Advani: I feel that success is a state of mind It’s not about numbers breaks or scores It’s about tapping into that state of mind Being able to feel that you are successful and empowered every single minute to me is the definition of success Someone like a Roger Federer says ‘you wake me up at 4 am and I can still serve aces’ that’s the kind of consistency that an athlete aspires to attain over a period of time For me consistency is how you look at yourself and evolve as a player Over a period of time I have realised that it’s not about just winning not about just getting over the line it’s about how you do it and how efficient you are while doing it There is never an end to learning in sport Any successful sportsperson always wants to learn more evolve and improve and to me that’s how I have managed to achieve the consistency "Over a period of time I have realised that it’s not about just winning not about just getting over the line it’s about how you do it and how efficient you are while doing it" Does that consistency put more pressure on you to perform every time you go out in the middle Advani: Absolutely I am not going to lie and tell you ‘Oh there is no pressure at all’ Of course there is pressure and in fact if I don’t feel those butterflies in my stomach I feel there’s something wrong I need to feel that I am a part of something major I need to feel that there is pressure There are expectations of performance and I also feel that at the end of the day I am human So you know that you are going to make errors It’s not going to be flawless every single time You are not going to be in the zone every time you play a tournament or perform in front of a crowd I think acceptance is also another big factor If you see all the top sportspersons in the world they are able to come out of tough and tricky situations quite easily because they forget what has happened rather than dwelling on that mistake You play same people over and over again and have beaten them you know their strengths and they know yours Don’t you get bored after a point of time Advani: It’s not like I have always won But obviously I have won more than I have lost However in the world of sport people keep improving There are guys who are young right now and may not be a threat but give them two-three years and they’ll be formidable opponents You have a lot of youngsters coming up The formats of the game keep changing So sometimes I may be good at the long format in Billiards but if there’s a 100-point best-of-five or best-of-seven match in Billiards it just could be anybody’s game Obviously when people know that you are the top seed then they tend to play better And I have noticed that in the last two years that people have given that much more against me Because they feel that I am the man to beat So that again adds a lot of pressure Youhave to be always alert that people are going to come hard at you How do you adapt to different conditions quickly Advani: That’s where I feel that if you’ve played the sport for so long (it helps) There are so many times I’ve also said the tables are not up to the mark and have been very vocal about it But then I’ve realised that what’s the point of bringing these issues up if the conditions are the same for both the players It’s not going to change Instead of resisting it so much just accept it and say Okay fine May be I will not be able to play my best game or I will not be able to play freely but let me manage with what I have This has a lot to do with the success of a player If you are able to manage your resources properly then you start accepting and enjoying in that little space as well When the opponent is absolutely on a rampage does it affect your confidence Advani: It’s very rare that two players are playing in full flow Normally if one player has taken over the control of the match and started playing exceptionally well then the other player goes into his shell and is sort of unable to match that level because he feels what has happened This guy has just scooted off and is on fire But there are exceptions If someone is playing really well and you are sitting outside (there are two factors involved)-With the score accumulating you already know that you are trailing and need to recover Secondly because you’ve been away from the table for so long your hands are cold And that is again a very big factor in our game Even if its for five-seven minutes you suddenly feel I can’t feel the cue I might not be able to stroke the ball well and play the right kind of shots So to counter all that it’s very important to tell yourself I know I made a mistake and my opponent is scoring well I know everything is not going on as I would have liked but when I get my chance I need to make it count It may not be a huge break It could be may be a break of 30 points in snooker and then let me play safe but at least stay in the game And my policy is always been that its never over until its actually over – Until the last ball is pocketed Do you play mind games Advani: I don’t like to play mind games There are some players who do They like those little tactics whether its deliberately playing slow to put you off or may be sometimes even standing in front of you – Not that they do it intentionally but then it’s an unwritten rule that you’ve got to be sitting down on your chair rather than standing around the table But our game is a gentleman’s sport so you never get to see players really sledging or trying to act funny There are a couple of players at times who try to disturb you but 99 percent of the time its fine How much analysis goes into studying your opponents Advani:In our sport you’ve got to figure it out on that day When you know some players are more attacking in that case you end up playing defensive to keep them at bay But there are also players who end up playing differently while they are playing in the match Sometimes they just change the strategy altogether not that they come with that plan For example normally the players feel that my defence is impenetrable in that case they will go all out and attack And sometimes it has worked for them That’s when I feel theneed to up my defensive game However there is not too much strategy involved You don’t go one or two days before thinking that this is what I am going to do to him or this is how I am going to approach the game You just go out there and see how it unfolds Do you sometimes try to deceive your opponents with exactly opposite gameplay Advani: Yes absolutely But it also depends on how you are striking because there are days when you start off with a bang and feellike’This is my day today I am really striking well’ so you tend to take more risks In fact my coach told me- In the first two or three shots you will know at what level you are playing andstriking the ball the kind of contact you are able to get and the reaction whether its perfect or not good at all The day you are not at your best or not feeling good about it play a little more safely because you need to force an error from the opponent and get an easier chance But the day you start plotting everything playing freely and are completely comfortable with the conditions take those risks It has more to do with yourself rather than the opponent unless you are playing an opponent who is extremely strong in only one department — attack or defence What happens on a day when you feel that your body is a bit stiff and you are not feeling that comfortable as compared to the ideal scenario Advani: It’s very difficult because this game can sometimes make you go nuts Because on a certain day you are like a king and then suddenly you’ve lost your timing completely And I have facedthis before where I have absolutely lost my timing and co-ordination and don’t know how I ended up winning that match Fortunately what happened is that my opponent also played that badly And with my experience I ended up playing a little more tactical not in an unfair way but just trying to make sure that he doesn’t run away with the match So that’s when you’ve got to use your determination and grit and then work things out and say I cannot win the pretty way let me win a little ugly Cue sports requires prolonged periods of concentration and intense focus what happens if you have had a bad night’s sleep before a game Has it happened to you Advani: For me sleep is very important (If you haven’t had good night’s sleep) it’s a horrible feeling because you are not able to sight the ball properly and think clearly In fact just recently I was playing a few matches which were not very consequential There I didn’t have good sleep didn’t feel good at all I felt so dull You get irritated with yourself because you know you can do much better but your body eyes and brain are not functioning the way you want them to so sleep is very very important What do you do to counter that Advani: Keep washing your face (laughs) Have some tea or coffee and just feel like you are wide awake may be jump around a little bit in the room alone Just keep jumping and sort of get your energy levels up "(I am in the zone) When I am not thinking about what I am doing and still doing it beautifully" What goes through your mind in between shots Advani: Actually the game itself is very meditative A lot of people say ‘Don’t you do meditation’ For me practiceitself is meditation Because I am so immersed involved and engrossed in the game nothing else apart from the table exists for me at that point of time I am transported to another world So while I am playing I am like ‘I need to play this shot and need to get my white somewhere there’ Even in that frame of mind you are not thinking ‘Can I get it there’ You are just saying that I need to do this so that I get it there That’s it You are thinking of two shots ahead and that’s all that goes on in my mind What goes through your mind when you have just hit a bad shot Advani: Two things: One is why did that happen can I change that can I find a solution and say fine next time I will make sure that I don’t repeat that mistake The second is now that I know what mistake I have done (hopefully I would have figured it out by then) I say fine I am human I am going to make errors it’s alright let me just sit back and accept that I have made a mistake and wait for my next chance rather than dwelling on that mistake and going back to the past when I can’t change it So let me just prepare for my next visit whenever I get it Does it affect your future points also Advani: At times yes There are matches where you’ve been so close to winning but you just haven’t been able to get over the finish line; it’s turned around you’ve played one bad shot and your opponent has come back into the game and that’s it You have to learn the hard way So it does affect you because at that stage you felt that I had a chance to close it off and I’ve made a silly mistake and it’s all my fault and you tend to beat yourself up to heart Recently I was playing a selection event for the Asian Snooker I did everything beautifully I was down by 50 points and again I missed a simple shot at the end And instead of cursing or beating I started smiling at myself I started thinking from another person’s point of view I just laughed it off and said I will come back in the next frame and win it I was 3-2 up and went on to win 4-2 So in that sense I’ve matured not only as a player but as an individual as well If the opponent has taken a sizable lead what is your approach Try and play safe or take the risky route and be ultra aggressive Advani: If your opponent is playing extremely well and attacking sometimes you’ve got to take those risks and say ‘Fine I am not able to keep him at bay I am not able to play defensive let me just go for it because that’s the only way I feel I have some chance And if he plays really well at the end fair play to him Sometimes you can’t do anything because there are times when your opponent is playing exceptionally well and you’ve got to take your hat off and say ‘Boss well done good for you’ So on those days you end up trying but if your attempt is not good enough you can’t do anything about it When do you know that you are in the zone If you get into that zone do you think you are unbeatable (I am in the zone) When I am not thinking about what I am doing and still doing it beautifully There are times when you think that I have to play this shot next or can I come at this angle or may be not or this is looking a little tough but when you are in the zone nothing looks tough It’s like flowing water It just goes along you don’t know where but it’s going perfectly well I don’t even think of the result because if you think you are not even in the zone You are just immersed in the situation and the momentum that you gain How hard is it to remain in that zone It doesn’t happen every day It takes time There are different factors — you’ve got to be comfortable with the tables string at your best physically fit health has to be good you should be motivated enough It also depends on how much you’ve played before Cue sport can be mentally exhausting how do you switch off Advani: I watch movies listen to music read very rarely once in a while I don’t practice at all If I’ve had a long season and I feel the need to take some time off I don’t go to the club or touch the cue; I just stay away from the game completely I like bowling I like watching different sports on TV I am a huge tennis fan I also like to understand what goes on in their minds what keeps them ticking Click here to read part 2 of the interview He keeps setting benchmarks. New Delhi announced the supply of four attack helicopters in India’s first transfer of lethal equipment to the government in Kabul since the hardline Islamist Taliban movement was toppled. but has been more measured in providing weapons in order to avoid a backlash from Pakistan, download Indian Express App More Related News

which sought open-ended questioning and application of principles for constructivism. I think these aspects are very important especially for juniors in the squad. lots of people have supported us and now with the senior team, 2013 12:36 am Related News Former health minister Satpal Gosain embarrassed the ruling SAD-BJP combine on Monday by stating that if the alliance wants people to believe its development claims then projects in his constituency,which was inaugurated in 2010 but is lying incomplete. the Bulls led 19-14 in the 25th minute, The Titans came back strongly in the final five minutes after trailing for the major part of the match with skipper Rahul Chaudhari scoring eight points, rendering it untenable for crops, Against those corrupt officials, Surveying the damage done to a once prestigious post.

London: As Sam Allardyce beat a shame-faced retreat from Wembley after being forced out as England manager He has taken the least time from his Test debut – 10 years and 290 days.72) in 17 Tests, download Indian Express App More Related News In his submissions to magistrate B J Ganatra Wednesday her lawyer Mihir Desai said that Modi wilfully ignored messages from state intelligence between February 7.

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