Website design let the text tell the story of banner

on the topic of banner design believe that there have been a lot of designers have published their own experience to share, after reading is also a lot of emotion, benefit. But this does not prevent us once again raised the issue, each designer’s working methods and design point of view is different, I want to tell you about banner in the text emphatically design today, how to design banner in the text, text and other elements complement each other to achieve the harmonious unity. If only, can let you get a resonance, have great significance, but also very pleased.

for Banner design, a lot of people understand that he does not need too many design ideas can be completed, it is necessary to correct. The design of banner may not be difficult, but the design of a competent and visual impact of the banner, still need to accumulate experience. The designer should strive to each banner own design can withstand various tests, in this small box in truly rhythmical. Perhaps a lot of people will say that the light of the design of the banner can be greatly improved, in fact, if you can do a good job of designing banner, you will slowly find a special topic, and even a lot of product pages will be more and more handy. Next, I will talk about their experience in writing design method for some banner, such as the flawed or different views, thank you.

. A basic arrangement mix


design of banner, don’t think little of the line abruptly put up, it will make your banner directly is dull. Many novice designers tend to make such mistakes, even if the font color style is very good, it will look very boring, very stiff. This time we need to do some design text mix:

the size and color of the mix of

The permutation and combination of



between the different fonts mix

In the English font


above are some of the common ways to deal with. Of course, this is also the basis of banner character design, many other text processing methods are based on a mix of foundation, so do a mix of importance is self-evident.



text not what seems a little stiff mix, text; text below some of the size and arrangement of the mix, can reflect more to show the atmosphere.

We can see in the designer some simple text mix banner works:



two. Text tilt and skew >