Detailed national policy changes through the management of domain name

in January 15th, China’s domain name registration authority Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released "on a registered domain name information to check the work of the notice", the first to respond to the outside of common concern, personal domain name registration must be anchored in the company name "," personal domain will be shut down "problem. The notice clearly said: "the domain name holder for personal or illegal organizations, shall submit registration contact ID card (copy or scan) and contact information (phone number, email address, etc.)." Information can be checked, continue to use the domain name in accordance with the law to carry out Internet applications.

personal rights in the end there is no national register domain? China’s domain name management policy has undergone the change? How CNNIC will protect the legitimate rights and interests of individual domain name holders? Facing all sorts of questions, CNNIC assistant director of Qi Lin detailed more than and 10 years China’s domain name management policy change story.

registered CN top-level domain has been cumbersome

China’s first domain management policy is original in 1997 the State Council Informatization Leading Group Office to formulate the "Chinese Internet domain name registration interim management measures", the "domain name registration, the applicant must be registered according to law and be able to independently assume civil liability of the organization", "the application of domain name registration, the applicant shall submit the following documents and certificates: (a) the domain name registration application form; (two) the letter of introduction of the unit; (three) the contractor Id photocopy; (four) the registered copy of documents". It can be said that at this time in the world is the most stringent requirements of the domain name registration regulations.

CNNIC staff often mention the scene: the American NSI company (Network Solutions Inc, then the company responsible for the operation and management of the top Internet domain name server) CEO Gabriel Mr. A.Battista’s first visit to the scene. Qi Lin said, at that time, CNNIC users in the reception room, CNNIC Director Mao Wei pointed to the corner of the thickness of two people a high heap of paper material with Battista said: "here is the registration information table of all domain name CN." He took a look at, very surprised look on his face. He can not imagine in the Internet age, domain name application to fill a large number of traditional paper application form.

compared with the international online registration, the national domain name CN registration procedures cumbersome, low efficiency, a large number of domestic users choose to register the domain name. In 2000, the concept of network popularization, COM domain name soared, number of COM domain name and CN domain names than once reached a historical peak of 8: 1". For a large number of domestic websites registered overseas domain name phenomenon, causing domestic experts on the national network security and information security concerns. As in January 12, 2010 occurred in the Baidu Inc domain name hijacking crisis, as Baidu’s main domain name