Win total write a letter of thanks to Microsoft upgrade MSN

      background cue:

      in these two days, Microsoft forced Windows Live Messenger users to upgrade to version 8.1, Microsoft explained that the main reason for forced upgrade is because of security issues.

      respected Microsoft CEO Ballmer:

      the day before, I as a IT China local farmers, in a sunny morning in the morning, Fuchengmen is located in the basement of the dark, when I started the IT business every day.

      open MSN, honored to receive your Microsoft Corp tender tips, asked me to upgrade MSN, and gives the choice of whether or not, but I found that there is only one choice in practice, unless you do not MSN, or you can click Microsoft upgrade to Windows Live that forced Messenger 8.1.

      in fact, we are a small Chinese IT farmer, also love to play digital agency, try the latest software, or so with visiting relatives and friends, brothers and sisters, the size of beauty itself is a professional to show off.

      but you say, mandatory upgrade upgrade, after the upgrade of the product than simply Trojan Trojan, virus like a virus, my brother debut more than and 10 years, haven’t had so overbearing software, such as by Microsoft’s requirements to upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 8.1, the occupancy rate of CPU is two days before the stock market as straight up from the 70%-100%, the whole machine can not move.

      but now the stock market is also down when ah, can I open your Microsoft this is known as "released earlier this year, is currently the most stable version, of course, it also includes the latest security upgrades, but also the most secure version." Why so overbearing?

      also I want to bother Mr. Ballmer give my regards to Microsoft China research institute that help top master technology, for they bring us good user experience, in fact, I know I said so wronged them, they are just doing the work of chinese. But people always wronged to be strong, Microsoft entered Chinese for so many years, so many farmers do not have wronged IT Microsoft said the company monopoly, the software price superior?

      I hope to IT on behalf of the minority farmers sincerely apologize to you, Vista price already dropped to more than and 500, this is Microsoft.