Solve the four major problems in the current website construction

has four major problems of website construction is: there is no system of content, content has no flow, flow is not popular, not to make money out of


with love polymerization system you can sit at home to earn a commission of

love polymerization is a new and special forms of organization for the content of the interactive community software (PHP+MySql), which is committed to the six innovation system, the webmaster from morning to night, around the promotion of free copy collection, do not make money out of the black whirlpool.

A master of love

[BBS+CMS+] polymerization system is collecting advantages, its innovative solves the four problems of website construction: to automatically read the content to the original topic, poly poly flow, with interactive ZhengZhan popularity, easy to make money webmaster


problem 1, how to quickly build web content?

is a copy of the manual to the BBS paste or try CMS obscure acquisition rules


using the AiJuhe system, then can say goodbye from dawn to dusk, copy collected station pain, open the automatic aggregation settings, the system can automatically capture the specified keywords on the Internet related news, discussions, pictures and video content, and form the original feature page


problem 2, how to develop site traffic?

whether or not for the audience object, meet people will send a web site, into the group posted ads?

love "from the entrance polymerization of the most important Internet search engines to find solutions, such as the AiJuhe project page is SEO optimized, this page is appropriate keywords, and text and picture files, search engine is the most love, the natural flow of soaring


puzzle 3, how to retain visitors

to enhance the interaction between users is undoubtedly the best way to improve website stickiness.

[] is to "love polymerization interactive community system thematic content organization, group mode, user profile, friends, Digg type information, ZhengZhan Tag tag, and Ajax Web2.0 of personality elements in common with all


problem 4, how to make money through the site?

site with the content, with the flow, to retain the user, then the money is much easier.

love polymerization system reserved dozens of ads, which add advertising code will be able to make money; N multi money alliance is for you to prepare, but also can promote the love polymerization system to get a high commission!

features of polymerization system

content update automation


AiJuhe system automatically reads the relevant information, topics, images and video content from the Internet, and automatically updates it after a certain period of time