GG account to stop the abuse of anger and sympathy

I do not advocate any malicious to speculate webmaster, I do not agree with the bad guy hypothesis Google. When a person’s Google AdSense account is stopped, publishers need to remain calm, rather than complaining and complaining everywhere; we need to learn, rather than blindly accused and sympathy.

Google the reason AdSense account was stopped only Google AdSense and publisher knew, Google refused to reason very confidently, the publisher stated is wronged in affection, but many publishers are not take reasonable way to solve the problem.

third party sympathy and anger is of no value, perhaps the mood of the crowd has been released by Google and, because the information we get is enough one-sided, so finally we naturally unable to stop an account to make any judgments. Qiu Jin was killed when a lot of people watching, actually up to now I still do not know is Lu Xun, numbness of the crowd, or the government.

after your account has been stopped, I suggest that you do the following, and do the same as you do without missing any of the links.

a, reading rules

although many people never read the rules, or simply can’t understand, but after being stopped the account you must read the rules, and read carefully, if you encounter difficulties understanding where you can help others.

has a very obvious misunderstanding, you do not accept the place does not mean it is not authentic, many publishers after being stopped account before knowing an input behavior is a violation of the rules, but he would not accept such terms, in fact is not accepted and therefore does not affect the Google stop account.

two, cool communication

we believe that Google AdSense will make mistakes, and from the past experience, a lot of people in the communication after the restoration of the account, indicating that Google AdSense at least dare to face their own problems.

so it is recommended that publishers make sure they do not violate the rules, please communicate calmly with the service team and give your reasons to them. If we communicate with each other in a bad way, we only need to think differently and we will know how boring it is.

three, for the opportunity

although it is difficult to obtain authorization to re apply after the account is blocked, if the income of Google AdSense on your site is very important, it is recommended to try. Let your situation be known to the service team and try to re – launch, of course, this is what you have known before and make sure that you don’t break the rules.

four, other ways