Students to create an anti CNN site can not be too CNN into popular language

anti CNN site home page

Washington Post Nepal photo news for China police beating Tibetan

global Chinese boycott western media distorted report

the hearing for the western media events in Tibet with the students to create Chinese biased reporting, "anti CNN" website (Anti-CNN), revealing the truth of news. Website home page said, CNN is a global leader in the lie (TheWorld’s Leader of Liars).

in an open letter, said the website aims to collect, collate and publish the western mainstream media evil evidence "," a revolt against western hegemony struggle ", and called on all Chinese boycott of" western Goebbels (Joseph Goebbels) Nazi media ", was Hitler’s propaganda minister Goebbels.

said the letter was on the site and some overseas Chinese Forum in circulation, and by the China daily news reports have confirmed the latter excerpt.

website exposure news, pictures and video screenshot suspected of false biased reporting, as of yesterday afternoon, the site was identified and posted pictures of evidence news agency in addition to CNN and BBC, including American FOX, German N24, British times, a number of media and after mentioned. These pictures and news in recent days in the famous video sites such as Youtube and Lingering Garden caused widespread concern.

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website called on all Chinese to Western media organisations, demanding an apology on the Tibet incident reporting inaccuracies. Correspondingly, the UK Chinese students launched 100 thousand people to participate in the "29 pence" (29-PenceAction), called for the students sent a letter to British Prime Minister Gor-donBrown, the Darai Lama and cancel the agenda for the talks. 29 pence is a British mail postage price. Students pointed out that the meeting with the Dalai Lama, Darai, the British people to convey the wrong message, hurt the feelings of 1 billion 300 million Chinese people".

worldwide, in addition to Sydney, Toronto and other international cities have been identified and will be held demonstrations in the near future, several other city protests are wildly beating gongs and drums in preparation. According to University of Cambridge, surnamed Fang said the students, Chinese students in Britain on Saturday in London, outside the TibetHouse rally, and played a fair media (FairMedia) slogan. In the local China, netizens have launched "don’t be too CNN" the popular pet phrase, expressed great dissatisfaction of the western media reports untrue. A foreign media in Sydney is one of the organizers of the Sunday Mark under the guidance of the Youtube website reporter, through the search for the word "Tibet", found that caused widespread concern in the video, titled "Tibet riots: the true face of Western media" (RiotinTibet:Truefaceof wes>