Spoof am a high quality nternet users

      according to authoritative survey, China’s Internet users has reached 162 million, after the United States, the world’s top second, ranked 211 million. These 162 million inside, actually also includes the 37 million migrant workers. Some people say that dragons and fishes jumbled together ah, not the Internet became illiterate, but I see now is probably illiterate on the internet.

      then, as a typical, high-quality Internet users, I will stand up today, set an example to release about the network life of my situation, for the low quality of Internet users self promotion as a reference target.

      first of all, I would like to say that my network life is very harmonious, this is because my hardware facilities are very perfect. In order to protect vision, reduce radiation, I insist on the use of laptop to the Internet, I like the whole English operating system, there will be no restrictions on speed. In order to configure high-end camera good to hear or see, I; for convenient use, I also installed wireless card; in order to pursue the bandwidth, I choose 1M ADSL subscription packages.

      I know, this is the complete equipment of those Internet cafes do not have the Internet bubble. Such a high-end configuration, I was like a Mercedes Benz opened on the information superhighway, ready to go beyond those open QQ low-end crowd. My principle is, since the Internet is going to be comfortable, and pull instigate instigate the Internet, rather than simply not. Here, I can not help but despise those who use black and white screen mobile Internet access to migrant workers, they also count Internet users? At the most is just touched the door of the Internet, I think, they are not spell the word Internet.

      my daily online time is about 16 hours, except eating and sleeping, whether in the office or at home, almost all online hung, this is worthy of the name of Internet users, compared to those who only a week on-line low quality of Internet users for the one or two time, I was really the Internet to create value is too big. I go up to the site are several major portals, absolutely unlike the low quality of Internet users all day to entertainment, dating sites run, even as they always browse pornographic websites, I see, the Internet culture is that by them made the vulgarization. Qualified users like me, is up to the end of mop.com and look at the novel, for those naked sex and sex video, I was very disgusted.

      I use the mailbox is the charge of the VIP mailbox, free lunch is not delicious, I understand that, but those who do not necessarily understand the low quality of the internet. I played most of the game is CS, it is said that many companies are playing the CEO, I play the game is to develop their management skills, in accordance with their status, absolutely unlike those will only play tractor low quality of Internet users, and those who indulge in the network game can not be self >