The illegal broadcast of the Olympic Games is the focus of this year’s crackdown on network infringe

at 14:30 on July 31st, Xu Chao, deputy director of the copyright administration of the State Copyright Bureau Guest Xinhua, on the Internet to combat illegal activities through the Olympic Games and other acts of online communication with friends. During the interview, Xu Chao introduced in 2008 to crack down on Internet piracy special action.

Xu Chao said, the State Copyright Bureau, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2005, 2006, 2007 three consecutive basis to carry out special actions against Internet piracy on Sept. 15 in June 12th this year, -10 launched a 4 month "2008 special action against Internet piracy".

this special action has also absorbed the State Administration of Radio Film and television as members of the unit, action is divided into the preparation stage the June 12th -6 month 30 days, centralized management stage in July 1st -9 month 30 days and the summary stage in October 1st -10 month three stage 15. In the preparation stage, we are mainly related to the training of law enforcement officers. In the stage of centralized governance, it is mainly to classify the information of infringement cases, assign the tasks to the place, and then investigate and collect evidence. The third stage is to summarize. Earlier, on July 7th we have specially held a press conference, announced to the public the specific content of the action, and held a special action meeting in July 11th, will be ready for distribution and collection of clues stage deployment continues, the country is actively carry out specific work to investigate the case. We will also be released at the end of the operation, the results of remediation to the public.

Xu Chao said that this special action to determine the focus of training in four aspects: one is to handle cases. Two is the illegal broadcast Olympic events and related activities to focus on the behavior of combat. All localities are required to conduct illegal activities of the Olympic Games and related activities illegally through the Internet, so as to effectively maintain the normal order of Internet communication and protect the legitimate rights of the obligee. The three is to focus on combating piracy video sites. Four is to strengthen the active supervision of the site. Among them, the unauthorized infringement of the Olympic Games through the network illegal Olympic Games will be the most important acts of infringement.