Domestic well known community owners are subject to continuous malicious attacks

      laggards ( is the largest webmaster exchange community. Founded in 2001, the first free resources to share information published in the famous among users, and later developed into a focus on the technical questions and answers of the master, experience exchanges, entertainment and leisure BBS community.

      Dong Jinfeng, founder of the community, is a man from Zhejiang, Shaoxing". Because of its development in the process has always insisted on the original content, and adhere to the freedom of operation, sharing, mutual aid community spirit, so the laggards in the webmaster website has a high reputation.

      since the outdated was founded six years, has suffered many malicious attacks, but the laggards members also said that the humorous "crystal", for personal website, the present stage suffered the greatest pressure may be refused, a special forum for firewall sales various attacks and refused to malicious ads as a result, the site’s living condition is different from other traditional industries, especially the personal website of the survival of the state is particularly vulnerable, at the beginning of this year, the laggards suffered violent attacks, while the first half had refused because malicious ads persistently attacked, in many days in the past, the laggards are transferred the position in the state of being attacked in a statement.

      to the middle of this year, personal website for verification as well as the BBS community for special news, some webmaster feel personal development forum seems to enter into a temporary see far the situation, in this case, the head of the community and laggards suffered a malicious attack, a total of more than 24 hours can not log in, due to the fish swimming busy site restoration work, the personal website of the external environment factors plus, some owners believe that the laggards may be due to no special record caused by the forum was closed, some rumors also spread on the part of the webmaster circle. Relatively speaking, the individual owners fear is not without reason.

      after contact to swimming fish, the fish brother expressed to us, but behind the status quo was continued to attack, and also thank you for the webmaster about the laggards, laggards are all right now, just some malicious factors. In the case of malicious DDOS recently cracked, refusing to swim fish, also said that he recently had not been exposed to sell ads for the firewall, why malicious attacks are also very helpless. The fish that refuse to swim at the moment is working hard to restore access to the forum.

      online games companies can through legal means, malicious attacks caused by direct economic losses of the game to be investigated, and the security of personal sites, who will give us protection?