The former CEO of New Oriental is not afraid of money Enable three spell domain push who learn

renamed China ( September 23rd hearing, in the field of Internet education has attracted much attention recently, Gong Haiyan is undoubtedly the ladder network layoffs and that a good gateway to stop the news, let all walks of life can not help screaming online education burn can afford only the nouveau riche. Yesterday, not afraid to burn the New Oriental former CEO Chen Xiangdong, once again set foot in the field of Education launched the "science" test version with who, and enable the three spell domain name on the line.

figure: who learn platform

, according to Chen Xiangdong, said, with whom to learn, only in the face of users in Beijing, the next will be gradually to other cities nationwide promotion. Visit "who learn with" platform, the site is divided into platform process, teacher settled, download the APP plate, in addition to other educational platform similar to the primary school and middle school, study abroad and other major guidance, and dance, instrumental music, sound painting, pottery, leather carving, Taijiquan, parkour "the main course.

query Whois information that Chinese renamed, "who to learn" three spell domain name in mid May this year registered the domain name, also holds, the CN domain names will have to jump to the "who to learn". It is understood that the site is divided into individual teachers and two user groups, which provide curriculum, orders for individuals, and teacher identity, teacher certificate, diploma and professional qualification certification security.

at present, online education to subvert traditional education, in the short term is still hard to get rid of the predicament of "burning". As the 100 education network ( has released 1 billion expensive domain name, investment, TOEFL IELTS free Scholarships "money move, to attract users. Gong Haiyan is the road of entrepreneurship education has recently laid off striking one snag after another, shutting down the ladder network, good, upset because online education extremely burn.