The decline of the heroic death on martial arts martial arts list out of service

the first snow in 2003, a little later than 2002. A little chill winter, is an Internet company in Beijing city of Chaoyang District in that year, be in full swing: there is a heated discussion. A string of characters written on the blackboard, 50bang: Martial arts. The following is impressively at that time some of the well-known statistical services, impressively is admin88, zhao123, ajiang".

for an enterprise and also in software and web site advertising business, did not shake Qian Shu GoogleaAdense N has now become a multi site family, not Ali Mama, Baidu alliance this kind of complex negative Zha system. Yes, just visit XX IP per thousand yuan direct trading, there are countless monthly flow union. Such a legendary "lose money trading" traffic statistics, will provide them with a special channel in the chaos of the market, a special significance. With the flow statistics, you can immediately get a hot market, and even the side that a valuable site traffic. The statistics and other statistics only a little different: "no popups". Only three words, a new era for traffic statistics. Martial arts standings adhere to this commitment, in 04, 05 years, once among the most influential in the field of statistics, one of the best choice.


year glorious martial arts list, the red flag fluttering.


is now BMW late, the end of a hero.

this has been hidden under the saddle of the business is also in the continuous development of silence, for a period of time or even released a lot of interesting features. Perhaps, they expect some day in the future will really become a Sharp Machete as its corporate contributions.

it’s a pity, but now the road is broken. No user notice, nor any other tips, everything is so sudden, like silent meteor sky, like the young girl falls in love with another man Chi chop theemotions break. In a night when all the users are unaware, 50bang has ended his Internet journey. The injured is the webmaster, suddenly lost countless 50bang DNS code no display, only the user’s network is stuck open, although once had many times, but this time will never return.

here, I think, we do not talk about the customer’s sense of responsibility, grassroots word-of-mouth marketing. Not to mention what the product, brand, unemployment, do a socially responsible enterprise. As for the so-called interests of the statistical data market game, to our understanding, only to hold on and hold on. Obviously the martial arts list has been unable to support. In China, this special Internet Vanity Fair, can be a free do not make money to do the business