Hundreds of illegal songs were named network broadcast songs must be born

following the announcement to the middle of this month will be closed more than and 300 illegal online music website, the Ministry of culture and the weight lifting boxing, released "on the liquidation of online music product notice", concentrate on cleaning up the first batch of the first 100 illegal online music products, the search engine, portal website, website, website and corporate entertainment industry or personal website, in February 28th before the self correction, once found website without network music products censorship or filing, shall immediately delete the overdue; according to the requirements of cleaning up the site, according to law be punished. The first is "publicly named" 100 first "illegal songs", including Jolin’s "beauties", Eason Chan and Sa Dingding’s "WelcomeToTheFuture", "big mouth" Fahrenheit forever in the side, "love your love", Yoga Lin’s "on me", Alan Tam’s "the firm", Lee Hom "Wu Yi" Kenji Wu, eighteen, "I am in love", Elva Hsiao’s "Jay Chou", "Miss lady said goodbye" and "fireworks and easy cold" etc..

but as of yesterday, a considerable part of the "illegal song" can still be retrieved through the network to audition and download link. For the Ministry of culture, a lot of fans worried after hard through the network music, and Culture Department of the staff responded by saying: "as long as the record company pass the Ministry of culture review on imported music content in February 28th, the domestic music report to the Ministry of culture for the record, if approved, can continue to network communication." Many websites have said that before February 28th, if the record company has not made the investigation procedure, illegal songs will be deleted. The record company, although the industry of network news hits was clear already heard, but after the fact, we still feel hasty and tough.

Warner Music publicist hearing this news, the reporter to inquire about the news from the reverse; the gold medal winds rights department staff said, received a similar notice earlier the Ministry of culture, but also do not know how to deal with the follow-up; China Institute of music publicity director Xu Shichang said yesterday, he also learned the news, and has reassured. "The album released in the mainland, is certainly a trial at the Ministry of culture newspaper, after hearing the news, we have launched a follow-up treatment, rest assured."


"these songs in my MP3, I must listen! And the album, and must pass the examination, the network version of the content, I think don’t need two audit."

through genuine website to buy copyright download, very common in foreign countries, we are accustomed to this form of listening, help to protect the interests of musicians."