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1 breakout flat media survival frontier electronic magazine APP advertising started


is at the end of 2009, in the modern media group made a plane of time magazine publisher Yu Ping found modern media chairman Shao Zhong, she was still holding the fashionable iPhone mobile phone is presented for the first time, hope to do a magazine to the intelligent mobile phone.

at that time, China is still full of NOKIA, most people do not know what is the App Store, Apple’s Tablet PC iPad has not yet released. However, Yu Ping saw a huge potential business opportunities.


joined the modern communication, Yu Ping at Ogilvy & Mather and other foreign advertising companies for many years, then came to the modern media group has become the "uhomeland pictorial" founding publisher, then began to charge "live music" magazine.

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2 taxi APP life and death choice: transition or shut down

In the legend of the

policy stick volley hit, mobile software called car entrepreneurs are facing is not who can live up to the last question, but who can survive the problem. In front of the road seems to be only two: shut down or transformation.

July 12th, shook his trick car founder Wang Weijian said in an interview: if I choose, may not do this (referring to the mobile phone software trick car)! Shook his trick car was founded in early 2012, is the first to enter the mobile phone software trick car enterprise Chinese, than most competitors almost a year earlier.

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3 Internet giants "rush" online travel layout to create a platform for

news (reporter Suo Dongdong) recently, there is news that Tencent is engaged in negotiations with Ctrip equity matters, Tencent hopes to increase efforts to increase the commercialization of WeChat, to create a one-stop service platform. Yesterday, Tencent said no comment on market rumors. Ctrip also said that there is no similar investment and acquisition negotiations with Tencent.

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4 Zhonghua was sold: the total price of 71 million 850 thousand M & A for the state holding

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