Keen big price in 2014 the P2P platform nearly 300

[Abstract] careful observation of Hongling venture, the letter advised, net loans to help out P2P enterprises, problems can be found, will undoubtedly hit the big trading pattern, especially a lot of problems in the project are closely related with the real estate industry.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 17th

people can not cross the same river two times, but the veteran P2P venture Hongling venture, it is the two time suffered huge bad debts.

Hongling venture is the latest bad debt from the sea garden project, from June 2014 onwards in Hongling venture capital financing, project financing 70 million yuan. More friends broke, sea garden already rob Peter to pay Paul has also been included in the national list of promises.


Hongling venture will stand for the bad debt fallback, and stressed that as of the end of 2014, Hongling venture to collect loans over 7 billion yuan, with the income to be expanding the size of loans, non-performing loans, any financial enterprises inevitable bad storm.

however, 100 million yuan venture Hongling bad storm broke at the end of August 2014 has not dissipated, it just six months, Hongling venture had into two large bad debts before and after the storm, involving a total amount of 170 million yuan, which have caused investors to worry.

P2P enterprises play an important role in solving Small and micro businesses financing needs, but some of the big P2P is keen to large scale models, these large scale not only poor liquidity, and the risk probability is extremely high, repeatedly Hongling venture to trouble is the large scale model.

recent years, P2P industry also has occurred several famous P2P bad events, including 800 million events, the letter should schedule the eastern capital of illegal fund-raising events, Sina micro wealth was a Sohu, the search easy loan line event was henderson.

net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei told the Tencent of science and technology said in an interview in Chinese, lending is a high risk industry, has nothing to do with the business development, P2P industry is on 2014, all run away bad events, P2P enterprise has nearly 300 of the problem.

P2P industry

continue to run away the phenomenon of dragons and fishes jumbled together


throughout the P2P industry development in 2014 in addition to financing, debt collection, and run away, is to reveal the collapse.

is not the Hongling venture, Sina micro wealth of this kind of platform, a variety of P2P has two categories: fraud, fraud is characteristic of P2P industry visibility, an increase of old liar platform; platform, in the 2013 round of closures to survive.

is an industry that is in Chinese lending risk, the Hongling venture, Sina micro wealth, Sohu search easy loan of this round of storm trouble was relatively large, very important reason is that, on the one hand, the scale is.