The day of the Hoax uncover a gang claiming to help the webmaster 10 knives a day

today, I thought that is a good thing, hackers are so powerful! They say under the copy of


GG account on behalf of the day to earn 10 U.S. dollars group number of 1 groups of 574005412 31895455

GG account on behalf of do, after the payment of 4/6 divided into 6, we do $10 after the need to pay a deposit of 50 dollars to prevent the withdrawal

completely formal approach

needs to provide a top-level domain name, space. You only need to press our tutorial requires the GG code to your web site to our website (must be Chinese website), then you are looking at the account of income. Income doubled every day to ensure 10 January 300 knife knife. (to understand network, to understand GG


answer some questions

generation do GG account will be K?

answer: as long as we operate according to the requirements will not be K, guaranteed to receive $

if the K is how to do?

answer: if we are K we will help you to re apply for GG account to help you do, until you receive the dollar so far.

you have this ability how to do not help people do?

answer: I believe that all people know GG account GG can only apply for one, if I have a lot of GG account of my own will not do enough to help people do, I help people do is to 4/6 U.S. dollars

look at the above questions to understand the rate of a group does not answer the group number 57400541 into the group of friends to share the tutorial

volunteer QQ158999971

contact person

see this, I thought for a long time, after all, do not pay anything, earn 10 yuan after the payment of $50 in accordance with their tutorials do, feel very professional, very similar to the use of Google adsengse vulnerabilities like ah!

now put out the tutorial ah

operating instructions

site requires a top-level domain name

operating procedures will be removed from the site’s GG ads by tutorial 1 ( requirements

configuration GG search code will do a good job of the code into the site’s home page will be sent to the network through the network to check and ask for

control file control file can not be opened directly can be modified to use Notepad to open specific (

will control the compressed rar format file to upload and download website directory address to modify the control file to Pizi often keyword