t recruited one hundred thousand super Amoy bar as a reward into millions of commission

November 3rd webmaster network Admin5 news: with last month, Taobao’s entire network search engine Amoy network (www.etao.com/) low-key on-line, Taobao began to get involved in commodity search. As an important part of taobao.com and a strong product and a scouring network, cat turned out and formal operation. It is reported that the Taobao PV 1 million total daily cat, Shushushiwan. In May this year, Taobao low-key on-line Amoy bar nearly half a year of trial operation, through, has accumulated a certain amount of traffic and popularity. It is similar to the Baidu post bar model, the layout of the Taobao search strategy to become an important piece of goods. Today, Taobao issued a notice that the cat is necessary due to the development of large scale of recruiting, recruiting super 100 thousand hope to join a person of noble aspirations. Taobao super bar for tens of millions of advertising commissions as a reward into super bar by operating in the Taobao advertising Amoy bar can get into the individual, divided into up to one hundred thousand months.


announcement is as follows:

cited content:

bar recruitment of

super cat

taobao.com another strong product was born – called cat. The product is committed to helping solve a lot of Amoy friends to buy, share and other issues, to build a harmonious future of Taobao.

at PV 1 million. The total daily cat, Shushushiwan, we need to recruit a super large-scale recruiting, 100 thousand hope to join a person of noble aspirations.

: as long as you can seat on the throne of the Lord super

can be: to earn a huge advertising revenue sharing. The monthly income of 10000 yuan is not a dream!

activity rules:

, who have the intention to do 1 super bar members, please go to the "candidate" (http://s.ba.taobao.com/thread_list.htm? Bar_id=887099). In the post, the post to indicate their application name.

2, post format is as follows: must be opened alone! Otherwise invalid!

want ID:

wants to run for it:

self introduction (no less than 100 words, to indicate their advantages and the reasons for the election)

3, Taobao 2 will be reviewed within 3 working days in your post and through the application.

, 4 of all no super bar bar recruitment.

5, each member can only apply for 1. Super bar, not to a bar for

6, each only a super bar.

7, all members shall not use the trumpet, vest registration, found that the cancellation of qualification

8, all will >