When YAHOO CEO Meijer as Jobs why she failed to turn around YAHOO

lead: Although Marisa · Meijer wanted to follow Jobs to save Apple’s story, but her lack of experience in management, for the blind pursuit of entrepreneurial culture that she is doomed to be unable to turn things around. What is worse, planing to shareholding Ali earnings, YAHOO’s core business assets is negative, aggressive investors and launched a campaign to put pressure on Meijer, Meijer YAHOO still plans to revitalize the contrary, is the problem? This paper recorded several events and all the details, you may be able to help clarify one or two.


YAHOO CEO Marisa ·

July 21, 2014, Eric · (Eric Jackson) sitting in the hotel room in (SeaIsland, Ga.), watching the children playing in the pool. At this point, he has just completed a blog post on the Forbes website, is about to click on the release". Jackson is an influential hedge fund manager, he has not been optimistic about the future of YAHOO, the CEO Marisa · Meijer (Marissa Mayer) is also true, but the latter is still in an effort to help the former technology giant out of the quagmire.

then Meijer took over almost two years Yahoo Corp. She took office on the same day, with purple carpet into YAHOO headquarters building, affixed with a picture of Meijer Shu Lampard · Farley (Shepard Fairey); "HOPE (hope)" poster – the graffiti artist because Obama drew "Hope" poster is famous.

in the past 24 months, Meijer cut a large number of product lines, but also restart some of the products. In addition, she acquired 41 start-up companies, and even hired the famous American host Katie · (Katie Couric). But just a week ago, she announced YAHOO’s quarterly earnings, the worst record in nearly ten years YAHOO. "YAHOO is no longer a valuable independent entity," Jackson said in a blog post." It may even become the four major technology giants (apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google) in the eyes of a fairly good acquisition target.

Jackson’s conclusion is not just the quarter depressed performance is based on the calculation results, but based on a series of methods a be struck dumb he used to be called Wall Street sotp (sum-of-the-parts valuation). YAHOO’s market capitalization was once as high as $33 billion, but this figure is largely due to its holdings of Alibaba shares. According to Jackson estimates, YAHOO shares held by Alibaba worth about $37 billion. But if you subtract this part, the whole YAHOO’s core business – including all network products and content sites – the actual market value of negative 40>