Explain the rice farming financial management

"rice farmers" status: from the poor to the maharajah

Chinese "rice farming" how much, so far there is no authoritative statistics. Reporters from China’s largest enterprise Internet application service provider China civilink (www.net.cn) learned that the site now has more than 1 million users, which covers for active users. Chinese civilink vice president Song Yingqiao told reporters that the company has to provide users with about 5000000 domain name registration services, they opened 400 free call hotline 24 hours will receive the user calls, every day there are thousands of incoming volume. Of course, most users still do nets of their website, not "rice farming".

specializes in domain two market trading website "domain name city" (www.domain.cn) is the "sale" of the world. According to Wang Chunlei, the president of the website, the domain name city currently has 140 thousand registered members, more than ten thousand daily amount of post, 80% of the domestic rice farmers often found in this. Just a day before and meet at the reporter, Wang Chunlei in Shenzhen on business, and see who is different for various grades of "rice farming". When it comes to class, in the "domain name city" forum has a strict division, no membership is "the Tramp", "Tramp" register member into the city after the experience with the increase of integral and continuous upgrading for the poor and the investors, and rice growers veteran, the maharajah grade, the there are different levels of treatment. The reporter saw in the "domain name city", the site for auction in the domain of both the starting price is 1 yuan www.3899.com.cn, also from 2000 yuan www.budalagong.com, there is a world of difference visible different domain price.

common "rice farming" days of hard

Because the

17 version mentioned two successes of "rice farming", it is easy to produce "corn" investment profit easy feeling. If you think a "corn" is a harvest, "rice farming" days are so good that is completely mistaken.

in the work of the institutions of small Wei is the common "rice farming" representatives, influenced by their friends, small Wei also in a year ago to become "rice farming", in his spare time he did little study "corn" sowing Road, thousand dollars investment although not much, also registered dozens of the domain name, or some very clever. However, because there is not much time to take care of, but also the lack of a number of promotional skills, to now, he did not sell a domain name. Due to the initial registration costs just a year now, dozens of domain renewal pressure to let him begin to hesitate is not even "rice farming" the day to live.


even successful entrepreneurs mentioned above has also experienced a lot of "rice farming" first detours. He told reporters, initially registered a lot of their own, such as: tel110, tel120, tel168 and so on domain names, and even the suffix are also registered to complete the price at that time